Disney Tangled Royal Family 5K

Greetings from my happy place.

epcot Disney Tangled Royal Family 5K

Well, technically right now, I’m lying in bed, but that’s also a happy place.

photo 13 Disney Tangled Royal Family 5K

But to get to my happy place…

1 cab to Penn Station where I nearly got shoved down the stairs by all these lovely people, making me very glad to leave NYC for the weekend

1 train to Newark

1 Air Train to my terminal

I usually just take a cab to the airport because it’s easier, and I’m an idiot. (Please see: attempting to take train to JFK.) But taking the train/Air Train to Newark is so foolproof, even this fool can do it.

My flight was scheduled to take off at 8, but with the inclement weather, I knew it would be delayed, despite what refreshing united.com all afternoon told me. Sure enough…we boarded on time, but were held while waiting for passengers who were connecting and getting on our flight. We didn’t end up taking off until close to 8:30, and I was starving.

DSC 0453 Disney Tangled Royal Family 5K

I got one of their tapas boxes, a glass of wine, and passed the hell out until the captain said “We’ve begun our initial descent into Orlando.”

Music to my freakin’ tired ears.

We landed around 11:30, and I didn’t make it to my hotel until close to 1.

DSC 0455 Disney Tangled Royal Family 5K

This cute sight greeted me on my bed. I love Disney.

What time was my wake-up call this morning? 4:50, so that I could make it to the Tangled Royal Family 5K. (Apparently Tangled is a really cute Disney movie. I didn’t know that until this morning.)

IMG 1058 Disney Tangled Royal Family 5K

IMG 1061 Disney Tangled Royal Family 5K

I met up with my fellow Fitfluential ambassadors Heather, Meghann and Callie bright and early and we headed over to Epcot with our lovely RunDisney people.

IMG 1064 Disney Tangled Royal Family 5K

Oh hey Jeff Galloway!

IMG 1065 Disney Tangled Royal Family 5K

That’s basically what my vision looked like this early, too.

IMG 1070 Disney Tangled Royal Family 5K

I still need to pick up my sparkly skirt, so I just went with a regular running skirt. And clearly took this race far less seriously than those girls.

IMG 1071 Disney Tangled Royal Family 5K

I mean, we had a dance party in the parking lot and Callie’s wearing a massive tutu. Not the most serious race ever.


IMG 1076 Disney Tangled Royal Family 5K

Baby, you’re a firework…

IMG 1079 Disney Tangled Royal Family 5K

They said no texting, but they never said no pics!

IMG 1080 Disney Tangled Royal Family 5K

Our 5K ran through Epcot, and right here, we were under Test Track.

IMG 1081 Disney Tangled Royal Family 5K

Bienvenidos a Mexico.

IMG 1083 Disney Tangled Royal Family 5K

Once we started running around the lake that the countries are around, I got really happy. I must have come to Disney at least 10 times growing up, and this reminded me of all those happy memories. (And lots of “But Moooom…I don’t like the countries…let’s go on the riiides.”)

IMG 1084 Disney Tangled Royal Family 5K

Even some men got into costume.

IMG 1086 Disney Tangled Royal Family 5K


IMG 1090 Disney Tangled Royal Family 5K

Beauty and the Beast.

In case you think I’m yawning, I’m actually doing a “scared face” here. There’s a reason I didn’t go into acting.

photo 41 Disney Tangled Royal Family 5K


IMG 1095 Disney Tangled Royal Family 5K

IMG 1104 Disney Tangled Royal Family 5K


photo 5 Disney Tangled Royal Family 5K

We got medals for the 5K, which is pretty awesome, considering we stopped every 10 feet for pictures.

I’m off to the expo and Magic Kingdom now! I can sleep when I’m dead.

Thanks again to Fitfluential and RunDisney for making this happen!

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20 comments on “Disney Tangled Royal Family 5K

    1. Theodora Post author

      Oh! No! The no texting, I think, was a sign meant for drivers; the no photos was the line that you exited the race after the end if you weren’t standing on line at the step and repeat for photos!

  1. Jennifer

    Congrats on the 5K. Im at disney too! So jealous off all the runners running tomorrow. I’ve seen so many great running outfits. I can’t wait to sign-up for next years princess half. Good luck!

  2. Life's a Bowl

    Running in a Disney race sounds like tons of fun!!! Fun outfits, Disney sights, friends :D

    P.S. I’ve never tried running in a skirt but I wore one when I played lacrosse and loved it- felt so free and didn’t worry about something riding up… Whatcha think?!
    Life’s a Bowl recently posted..I SAID YES

  3. Abby

    That’s funny! I’m scared to take the AirTrain to Newark bc I think I’ll get lost but can get to JFK and LGA so easily!

    Anyway it looks like this weekend was a total blast. Jealous!
    Abby recently posted..Progress!

  4. Caitlin

    I totally got the whole Beast-scared-face thing, I did! Haha no yawning was perceived. Your outfit is so cute even if not as intense as the other girls’ – I love those too tho, what a fun race, I’m jealous! Was there really a no texting rule?! Was that for safety’s sake or security’s? And hey, was there a no TWEETING rule? Haha love those medals too, so adorable. I’ve never seen Tangled either!
    Caitlin recently posted..Vacation Days Turned Sick Days

  5. disney scooter rentals

    I envy you. Your doing what you love and your going to your happy place. You have serve as inspiration to me to “Just Do It” and do what you love.

    Sorry to hear about those problems in weather and delayed flights. They say “Getting their is half the fun”.

    The run as you have describe is so enjoyable. Made me see those pictures again and again and I also love those running costumes your friends wore.Its always fun to read your posts. Makes me smile even I if I have deadlines to meet.


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