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Disney Princess Half Recap

Greetings from somewhere between 0 feet and cruising altitude. (Which is where I was when I wrote this yesterday.)

I am absolutely terrified of flying and usually take a Xanax to relax myself a bit, but I think Mickey stole them, and I was a little too dehydrated to consider an airport drink, so I tried a few new things to distract myself while taking off.

Timing how long it takes to get from the pilot stepping on the gas (or whatever he does to get it from just rolling down the runway to hurtling hundreds of thousands of tons of aluminum and humans into the air) to wheels up: exactly 40 seconds.

Timing how long it takes from takeoff to “your use of approved electronic devices is now permitted”: 5 minutes. This one was especially shocking, as that always feels like an eternity.

But I digress.

IMG 1112 Disney Princess Half Recap

Yesterday morning started ridiculously early. My alarm went off at 3:05 (and then 3:10, and then 3:13) and I got right out of bed, for fear of the bus leaving without me. I met Meghann and Callie in the lobby at 3:40, and we got right on the bus and were off to Epcot. Saturday’s bus ride was really chatty, but I’m pretty sure none of us could string together a coherent thought yesterday. By about 4:15, we were at Epcot and ready to begin the trek from the buses to the race retreat.

It was chilly for what we were wearing, and we were exhausted, so we were dying to get to the race retreat. We barely talked while walking there, until Meghann started chanting “Race retreat. Race retreat.” We had our eye on the prize.

IMG 1117 Disney Princess Half Recap

Ahem. That’s runners to you.

IMG 1119 Disney Princess Half Recap

Nothing like a big ball in the morning.

IMG 1121 Disney Princess Half Recap

Still walking…

IMG 1122 Disney Princess Half Recap

RACE RETREAT! Aka runner’s paradise. A pass to this tent normally costs $99, which I would probably never spend, but Disney gave us free access as media. Disney, I love you.

IMG 1123 Disney Princess Half Recap

IMG 1124 Disney Princess Half Recap

Inside the retreat, they had lots of food for us, including bagels and bananas, which, it just so happens, are two of my favorite foods. I knew there was a reason I ran.

IMG 1125 Disney Princess Half Recap

I don’t usually do bagels before races and knew I probably shouldn’t change things up…but I just couldn’t resist the bagel, so I had a half with butter and a banana. I also had a few sips of hot chocolate, since I was still a little chilly and knew coffee was a TERRIBLE idea for my stomach. That’s one thing I have no interest in ever trying before a race.

IMG 1127 Disney Princess Half Recap

They had a massage area, which looked awesome…but only took cash. Fail. I almost always have some cash in my Spibelt, just in case, but I took it out after the 5K for some reason.

IMG 1128 Disney Princess Half Recap

Here’s my final Tinkerbell outfit.

Breakdown, just in case you are also a grown-ass adult who enjoys occassionally dressing up like a princess and running for hours at a time.

Tiara: courtesy of Meghann and the RunDisney tweetup. I don’t know how people run in tiaras–I had a headache by about mile 3 and ended up ditching it.

Headband: SparklySoul

Shirt: Rese Pilates

Arm Warmers: Pearl Izumi (courtesy of Pearl Izumi)

Skirt: Team Sparkle (awesome story–one of the founders, Kelly, put together the skirt before her first marathon. During the race, it was such a hit with other runners that she and the other founder hatched a business plan. They’ve displayed at a few expos, but mostly gotten the word out through social media.)

Shorts: You can’t see them, but they’re under there, since the skirt is just a layer of tulle. I’d never braved the running booty shorts before, and after today, I’m not sure if I will again. They’re Moving Comfort, and I picked them solely based on their price ($30, compared to the $50+ for some of the other ones I saw), and Zappo’s awesome free overnight shipping that let me order them late Wednesday night and have them arrive at my office on Friday afternoon. (Yes, I get booty shorts delivered to work. What of it?)

Anyway, the shorts and my lower half did not get along. From about .25 miles in, to the end, they kept riding up and giving me wedgies. If I could have taken them off in the middle of the course, I would have.

IMG 1129 Disney Princess Half Recap

We lined up in Corral B and waited for blastoff from our new buddy, Carissa, the announcer. (She interviewed us yesterday before the 5K, and she’s also a Fitfluential Ambassador.)

We finally crossed the starting line probably around 6am.

The Princess Half is definitely not a race most people run for speed–I asked to be put in Corral B since Meghann and I were planning on running together, and some dude gave her a Corral B sticker, but with our half PRs (1:55 for me, an awesome 1:45 for her), we could have been in the first corral in a 20,000-person race.

IMG 1132 Disney Princess Half Recap

Each corral’s start was staggered, and Cinderella’s fairy godmother counted down to the fireworks that released us for each corral.

And we were off! When Meghann and I found out we were both selected for this a few weeks ago, we immediately gchatted each other to discuss and decided to run together and run for fun. I do think this is a course you can PR on if you really want to (especially if you run under a 2:00 half), but she’d just PRed, and I’m in no shape to get a half PR right now–so be prepared for tons of pictures ahead. (Or, spoiler alert: I didn’t PR today.)

IMG 1134 Disney Princess Half Recap

What? You didn’t see a pirate ship on your run this morning? Weird.

IMG 1135 Disney Princess Half Recap

Meghann insisted I keep my tiara on until we got to the princes. Fine.

IMG 1137 Disney Princess Half Recap

Magic Kingdom!

IMG 1139 Disney Princess Half Recap

At our next line for photos, we met Mary, who said she reads both of our blogs, and goes to Crossfit with Tina. Hi Mary! (And hello to all the other readers who stopped Meghann and me to say hi!)

IMG 1141 Disney Princess Half Recap

All the badass Disney characters.

IMG 1146 Disney Princess Half Recap

So the best part of the race is obviously running through the parks, but you don’t run through them for more than 3-4 miles–most of the race is run on the highways connecting the parks. That part isn’t the most exciting, but they break it up well with the characters so that at least you have something to look at and look forward to.

We ran up Main Street, through Tomorrowland, and then, finally through Cinderella’s Castle.

IMG 7648 Disney Princess Half Recap

Like Meghann said, running up Main Street gave me little goosebumps. It was like coming off the Queensboro Bridge and into Manhattan during the NYC Marathon.

IMG 7654 Disney Princess Half Recap

Why yes, I did kiss a 9-year-old frog.

IMG 1148 Disney Princess Half Recap

IMG 1149 Disney Princess Half Recap

Where she was waiting with her prince, obviously.

IMG 1151 Disney Princess Half Recap

All the volunteers and spectators were so happy!

IMG 1152 Disney Princess Half Recap

This Belle was very nice, and also recognized that I was Tinkerbell, which was appreciated, considering my half-assed costume.

IMG 1153 Disney Princess Half Recap

I couldn’t decide which funny face to intentionally make here, so I just ended up making a really weird face while being presented with a glass slipper.

IMG 1154 Disney Princess Half Recap

I think we were around mile 10 or so here.

This is the weirdest race recap, because I’ve barely talked about the actual running, since it was pretty much secondary to all the fun stuff to see.

And it sucked. I’m a little undertrained right now, for one, and between Friday and Saturday nights, I got 8 hours of sleep–not exactly setting me up for a good run. Also, all the stopping and starting for pictures was really hard–my legs were dying every time we started back up again. Our splits are pretty hilarious–the miles we didn’t stop for pictures were all between 9-9:20, but the miles where we stopped for pictures were around 14-15 minute miles.

IMG 1155 Disney Princess Half Recap

Not even a fairy godmother could help my booty shorts from creeping up my legs.

IMG 1158 Disney Princess Half Recap

As we entered the home stretch, this awesome choir came up on our right singing and dancing and clapping. I remember this from the first time around, and I remember how happy I was at this point that I was about to finish my first half marathon. I can’t believe this is the ninth one I’ve done since then!

IMG 1160 Disney Princess Half Recap

Fairy dust totally helps with recovery. It’s a proven fact.

IMG 1161 Disney Princess Half Recap

We did it! In total cheeseball fashion, we also held hands as we ran across the finish line.

Once we finished, we headed back to the race retreat. As we were leaving the first time around, we smelled bacon cooking and hoped it was for our tent.

IMG 1163 Disney Princess Half Recap

Yes, there was bacon, but we also each got a free ticket for a mimosa as we walked in. Clearly this is my kind of race.

IMG 1165 Disney Princess Half Recap

I ended up going for eggs (which were actually really good for buffet eggs), bacon, fruit and some amazing potato wedges. The muffin tasted too sugary, so I only picked at it.

IMG 7714 Disney Princess Half Recap

They also gave us flip-flops in the race retreat, which was even nicer a perk than the mimoas. I’m always dying to get out of my sneakers after a long race, but rarely check a bag so can’t usually get into my flip-flops.

It was such a fun experience, and I’m so glad Disney helped me be a part of it and that Meghann and I were able to run together.

Oh, you want to know my time? 2:30–with multiple photo stops, still seven minutes faster than my first half here two years ago!

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Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

If you’re catching up on the weekend, I spent the weekend with Mickey, Minnie and some Fitfluential people to run the DIsney Princess Half Marathon (recap to come tomrorow!) and Tangled Family 5K.

I’ve written about the races first…because that’s what I went down for. But since I’m only part racing machine, I also hung out in the parks.

DSC 0456 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

After breakfast Saturday, I headed over to the expo to pick up my race packet. This was, unfortunately, not my chariot. (A nice van driven by Ashley, one of the Disney people who worked with us all weekend was. We didn’t have the van the whole time, but it was pretty sweet to catch rides with them for some of the events.)

DSC 0472 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

DSC 0474 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

DSC 0459 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

DSC 0460 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

Held in the field house at the Wide World of Sports, this is a huge expo. (It actually wasn’t nearly as overwhelming as it looks.)

DSC 0462 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks


Compared with me two years ago here:

201202262051 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

DSC 0463 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

DSC 0469 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

It was mostly your standard expo fare, save for some tutus and mini Luna bars.

DSC 0464 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

And beer…obviously.

DSC 0466 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

I don’t know why they had a glass slipper there. Who would run in that??

DSC 0467 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

Holy bright headbands.

After the expo, I headed over to the Magic Kingdom to meet up with Meghann and Callie (one of my new fave people.)

DSC 0483 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

DSC 0488 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

For lunch, we used one of our vouchers from Disney at the Columbia Harbour House, one of the counter-service restaurants in Fantasyland that Meghann recommended.

lighthouse Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

I got the Lighthouse sandwich, a sandwich on multigrain with hummus and veggies.

DSC 0495 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

Splash Mountain is my favorite ride in the Magic Kingdom, but nobody wanted to get wet, so we didn’t go on it.

DSC 0497 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

You can tell which one is the New Yorker because she is:

1. Casper-white

2. Dying to wear a dress at any hint of warm weather.

DSC 0507 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

We rode Space Mountain and then some cute kids’ rides in Fantasyland. I used to think Space Mountain was no big deal when I was younger, but now, as an old lady, I was a little scared on it. How did I used to go on upside-down roller coasters??

We got these super-awesome media passes that allowed us to get Fast Pass tickets to go through immediately, rather than having to come back. Like Meghann said, freakin’ Disney gold.

201202262115 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

DSC 0508 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

Just a little topiary tea party. And no, I did not buy the Birnbaum Disney book every single year growing up, regardless of whether we were going there that year or not. I do not know tons of random facts about Disney World.

DSC 0510 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

There’s currently a ton of construction going on in Fantasyland icon sad Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

DSC 0522 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

DSC 0523 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

Oh look, more Cinderella’s Castle.

After a few Fantasyland rides, we saw the Philharmagic show, an adorable 3-D show with lots of Disney songs.

2012022621151 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

DSC 0530 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

After the rides, we went over to Epcot. We’d hoped to get in a few rides before dinner, but all the Fast Passes had run out for the day, so we dragged our tired butts over to dinner early and just sat and waited for everyone.

DSC 0532 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

DSC 0533 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

We went to Via Napoli with all of the other RunDisney bloggers, the Disney folks, and our lovely Kelly Olexa, who started Fitfluential and made all of this happen.

DSC 0536 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

A fuzzy photo, but it was so nice to finally meet Kelly after lots of emails, tweets and Facebook posts. I had fun chatting about the social media business with her and just life in general. She’s hilarious.

DSC 0540 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

This picture doesn’t show it, but there were something like THIRTY of us!

DSC 0541 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

Oh hello there.

DSC 0544 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

We each were told to get an appetizer, entree and dessert. Heather and I were looking at the menu, and the fried risotto balls were pretty much irresistible. We had big plans to each try a different appetizer, but we decided to just both get the balls. Always just get the balls.

DSC 0545 Disney Princess Half Expo + A Day at the Parks

For dinner, I got spaghetti with veal meatballs.

After three hours of sleep, a 5K, walking around the parks all day and a big pasta dinner–oh, and a 3am wake-up call for this morning–I went back to the hotel with everyone to hop into bed.

Disney fans: what’s your favorite ride?? Mine’s Splash Mountain in the Magic Kingdom and Tower of Terror in MGM. (Which I guess is called Hollywood Studios now, but it will always be MGM to me.)

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