Let the Taper Games Begin.

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22 miles for the day, 47 miles for the week.


I can’t even express how happy I am right now. I woke up feeling really nervous about today’s long run. I really wanted the last long run before taper to be a good one so that I’d feel really strong going into taper.

And I do.

I ran a mile to meet up with Stephanie and we set off for the George Washington Bridgebecause I clearly didn’t get enough of it a few weeks ago.

After a lot of wine the other night and probably still being a bit dehydrated this morning, the run started off on the rough side. We were keeping a good pace, but it wasn’t easy by any means. We kept saying we should slow down…but didn’t. Trying to slow down on purpose? Kind of hard.


HI MOM! I ran into NJsorry I didn’t come home!

There are quite a few steep hills in the climb to the bridge, and I was not a happy camper. By the time we climbed onto the bridge, I’d gotten really quiet.

I am not a quiet person. If am quiet, something’s probably not right. My legs were so freaking tight by the time we hit the bridge, and I thought I needed to stop for a second at the end to stretch or else the rest of the run would be miserable. I stopped to stretch and Gu in NJ, and when we turned back around, I was a new woman.

My legs were loose, and it felt like we were flying. It also helped there were no uphills left, and I knew I was that much closer to taper.

After we hit 18, and I knew I only had 4 left, I’m pretty sure I started grinning like an idiot.

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Hello New York, glad to see you again, too.

The first two times around, I ran two twenty-milers, but this year’s plan called for 22, and in my quest to get my body used to running higher mileage, I was game for the challenge.

22 miles, 3:28:28. 9:28 pace.

My feelings of preparedness for this marathon change by the minute, but right now, I’m still feeling great about it after conquering a hard REALLY long run. I ran this 22 miles only 4 minutes slower than last year’s last 20-miler before taper.

Marathoners: what’s the most you usually go up to in training? How are you feeling about your training right now? How do you feel about taper–love or hate it?

A HUGE CONGRATS TO EVERYONE WHO RAN CHICAGO–ESPECIALLY JOCELYN, JESS, MARGARET, SKINNY RUNNER  AND MARY! Go recover…and then please write your recaps ASAP, thanks. And congrats to Monica on her awesome PR!

22 comments on “Let the Taper Games Begin.

  1. Liz

    Congrats on a strong last LR!! My 20-miler for NYCM on Saturday didn’t feel great, but now it’s DONE and I’m sort-of-tapering… as my last LR, I’m racing the Grete’s half marathon next weekend, and then real taper begins. I also haven’t been running much except for long runs because of some knee woes, but hoping to get back to it this week!
    Liz recently posted..Getting My Life Back

  2. Megan

    Congrats on a great 22-miler! Being a new runner, I am reading everyone’s long run recaps lately and I am just completely in awe. I can’t imagine going 22 miles, let alone a marathon. You all definitely inspire me to keep going and keep trying to get better! You’re going to do awesome at the MCM! Happy tapering!!

  3. Steph

    I’m getting ready for my first marathon and my training plan called for a longest run of 20 miles, but I decided to go up to 23 (yesterday). I think I have a better feel for how those last 6 miles are gonna be now! Good luck to you!
    Steph recently posted..Last Long Run

  4. Amanda @RunToTheFinish

    yeahhhh so glad you rocked this thing out!!! I can’t lie I”m freaking out right now as my runs have gotten worse. Next weekend still calls for a 20 so if I can hit that I’ll mentally feel better…we shall see 🙂

    looks like we are going to see Spiderman the night of the race…this is me telling my body I’m going to feel just fine
    Amanda @RunToTheFinish recently posted..A 26.2 Weekend


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