MCM Training Week 14: Not-So-Stellar

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18 miles last week.

I take taper seriously, yo.

So last week clearly sucked on the running front.

3 miles Wednesday.

6 miles with Fiona Thursday, including one colossal wipe-out which left a 4-inch long scab on my arm that’s STILL healing.


9 miles with Meghann, Anne and some of Anne’s bridesmaids/friends before her wedding.

A far cry from the 47 miles I tackled the week before, and a far cry from the 43-45 my schedule had planned for me.

But I just didn’t have running in me last week. I had another intense week at work, and I woke up feeling physically depleted every morning. Every run that I did do felt like I was running through quicksand, and every time I ran, I felt like rest might have been a better idea. My legs felt the exhaustion of 13 weeks of marathon training, and my mind was elsewhere.

But hey, 18 > 0.

This week, I am fighting a cold, thanks to a probably training-induced compromised immune system. I got home yesterday around 1 and slept till 6, woke back up for a bit, and went back to sleep at 11 for a full 8 hours of sleep. My plan this week calls for four 5-milers and a 12-miler. I’m doing the Army Ten-Miler Sunday, so I will probably just stick with 10 that day instead of 12. As for those other 5-milers? I’m going to take each day as it comes. I know my body needs rest right now both to recover from this cold and from 13 weeks of marathon training, so that’s what it’s going to get.

Have you ever gotten sick right before a big race? Did you freak out?

Also…that “I’m not like those other people, I like my couch right now from last week?” Gone. I want to run.

17 comments on “MCM Training Week 14: Not-So-Stellar

  1. Laura

    Oh NO I am so sorry you’re sick! In good news, you definitely have plenty of time to get better, both before this weekend and before Marine Corps. Try not to stress, and just rest up and recover! Your training is in; you are going to do great.

  2. Maureen

    I came down with a cold four days before the Rock n Roll Philly 1/2 this year. Rest was absolutely the key to getting to the start for me. I took three days off completely and loaded up on fluids and vitamin C. Don’t worry about getting the miles in if it could jeopardize race day…rest and feel better soon!
    Maureen recently posted..Rounding Third

    1. Theodora Post author

      @Maureen: I know logically not to push the miles to jeopardize race day, and in practice, I won’t, either…but it’s still frustrating.

      Did taking the few days off help you?

  3. Meghan

    When I ran Boston in 2010, I hurt my knee about a month beforehand and couldn’t run AT ALL for that month. It messed with me mentally, but honestly, I went in feeling really rested and had a good race. Feel better, your work is 98% done!

  4. Deborah

    I ran the entire month of August with a sinus infection. Hang in there! I myself had a less than stellar running week to…I only hit 17 instead of the planned 30 due to major back pain. What I learned is that I didn’t lose much of anything from my run this morning just had to take it at a slower pace.
    Deborah recently posted..36 vs. 41: Keeping It Real


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