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Life’s Short, Keep It Fun!

I remember when I was losing weight and getting really into health and fitness, it was so much fun to me! It was so novel.

A coworker at the time said to me, “You’re only so into this because it’s fun to you right now. It won’t always be fun.”

I don’t know about that, buddy. I think I’ve kept it fun. There’s a whole lot in this life that isn’t fun, so it’s my personal philosophy to have as much freaking fun as I can where I can, and that includes making my workouts fun to me, too. I’m choosing to work out, so I’m going to enjoy my workouts.

201212011114 Lifes Short, Keep It Fun!

It took me a long time to get into strength training because I didn’t think it was fun, but working with Jess is keeping it interesting and fun. She sends me workouts, and then I do them on my own. When I was lifting on Wednesday, I realized that maybe this lifting thing could be fun as I’d get better and stuff. Just like running.

Speaking of fun, I had a lot of it last night.

IMG 2477 Lifes Short, Keep It Fun!

Last night, I went to our Junior League Golden Tree shopping event. Cocktails and shopping? Okay, twist my arm. Last night, they honored those celebrating milestone anniversaries. I’ve been a member for five years, so I got this lovely white rose, which I miraculously did not lose despite carrying it all night. I behaved and didn’t buy much other than some AMAZING nuts my friend Mary makes and a Christmas ornament.

IMG 2482 Lifes Short, Keep It Fun!

I hung out with my buddy Shannon, who I hadn’t seen since I spent a week on her couch during the hurricane.

IMG 2486 Lifes Short, Keep It Fun!

And this awesome lady.

IMG 2487 Lifes Short, Keep It Fun!

She was going to the Lilly Pulitzer warehouse sale yesterday, and I asked if I could give her money and sizes, if she could pick out a few things for me.

SHE CAME BACK WITH 12 DRESSES FOR LESS THAN $200. I am a very happy camper right now.

How do you keep working out fun? More importantly, how do you keep life fun?

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