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A Bright, Snowy Day

You guys, it is GROSS out. I am not a fan of this snow in March thing.

But I still dragged myself out of bed this morning and over to Uplift for a class.

201303081217 A Bright, Snowy Day

No, really. I swear it’s snowing. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

I am running 15 miles tomorrow, so I took it easy on some moves. For example, instead of star jacks during the tabata intervals, I did regular ole jumping jacks, which are lower-impact.

IMG 2889 A Bright, Snowy Day

Afterwards I dropped into the new Lululemon Meatpacking store’s grand opening.


IMG 2890 A Bright, Snowy Day

The space is gorgeous, and just feels very Meatpacking. There’s lots of light and the decor is very sleek, but still has a funky edge to it, like the exposed brick. (That map is a map of where their store ambassadors teach, by the way.)

My life decorating dreams, by the way, include exposed brick and built-in bookcases. I will die happy when I have those two things, thank you.

IMG 2893 A Bright, Snowy Day

I met my buddy Laura there, and there were some real media on hand for the big grand opening.

IMG 2899 A Bright, Snowy Day

PRETTY, right?

IMG 2900 A Bright, Snowy Day

I mean, yeah.

IMG 2897 A Bright, Snowy Day


IMG 2888 A Bright, Snowy Day

Green juice for all!

I am proud to report I walked out with no less money in my wallet than when I walked in.

I know Lululemon can be a controversial brand, but one of the cool things they do is lots of community events, and I really wish I was going to be around for this one: this Sunday, they’re doing a guided meditation at 10:30 with one of the instructors from Sacred Sounds Yoga.

Team Lulu or no? Also, Team Snow Workout or stay inside where it’s cozy?

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