Workout + Wine ( – Workout ) + #BostonStrongNYC

As you know, I love Uplift.

I also love wine, and I was reading Lean In, so when I heard about Uplift’s Workout + Wine Book Club, I was definitely in.

I originally was on the wait list, and got off late yesterday afternoon, after I’d already worked out, so I decided to do Workout + Wine…minus workout. So, just wine.

2013-04-17 19.24.43.jpg

$20 got me wine, snacks and conversation with a handful of other professional women of different ages and in different points in their careers.

[I’m currently getting free classes at Uplift through my partnership, but I paid my way for this book club. You can get 10% off 8:30, 10:30, 12:30 or 5:30 weekday classes or Sunday classes at Uplift when you use the code losingweightinthecity.]

We discussed myriad issues women face in the workplace. While women have come a long way in the workplace in terms of respect and pay, we still have a ways to go. I’ve always worked in very female-centric offices, so while I’ve certainly dealt with issues with other women, I’ve been lucky in not having to deal with sexism from male coworkers, but the other women shared stories of very blatant cases of sexism, such as a female partner at a law firm being added onto a high-level email for a big project and her client assuming she was the secretary.

The book talked about women “leaning out” before they even have children or are in the position to have children and decide whether they will be able to handle that high-powered job and talked about how radical it was perceived when Marissa Mayer took the Yahoo CEO role when she was pregnant.

The book and our group talked about how until we have more women in leadership in business and government, these issues won’t go away, and we need to, as women, advocate for ourselves.


[photo via Ashley]

It was a fun night talking about a book that’s certainly been a hot topic of conversation and talking about the issues we all face at work as women.

Monday’s events in Boston are still on my mind, as I’m sure they’re on yours.

A few things I’ve heard to pay tribute:

#loveyouboston: A run in Central Park on Saturday

#BostonStrongNYC: Monday night in Central Park. This is a movement that Pavement Runner set up and that Abby brought to NYC.

My lovely friend Erica is donating proceeds from certain necklaces to help Boston survivors.

Sparkly Soul is donating 20% of all sales from blue, gold and blue/gold headbands to the One Fund.

Have you read Lean In? What sort of issues have you faced as a woman in the workplace? Also, please feel free to link to any other Boston relief efforts in the comments.

8 comments on “Workout + Wine ( – Workout ) + #BostonStrongNYC

  1. Stephanie

    I’m reading Lean In right now! I too have worked in very female-centric environments (all my bosses have been women) so I don’t have too many day to day gender struggles. I am hoping the book inspires me to stay engaged throughout my career.

  2. Caitlin

    ok, so this is my dream event. i’m a wino and a bookworm. though i haven’t been feeling much interest in reading ‘lean in’ for some reason, this concept in general is great. i went out for dinner/drinks with a couple of friends when we all read ‘gone girl’ and this reminds me of that!
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