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An Uplifting, Ass-Kicking Workout

Last week, I walked into Uplift for a class with Steph. I was running late, and ended up sprinting down 23rd Street to make it on time.

I walked in, flustered, and the class studio was dark and Steph was standing outside of it.

With a devilish grin, she told me it was just going to be me. “What do you want to do?? Personal training? Class?”

“Um…you’re the instructor? You can decide!”

(I was secretly hoping she’d say training!)

“Okay, let’s do a personal training session.”


IMG 2956 An Uplifting, Ass Kicking Workout

I worked out with a trainer to help me drop the 50 pounds, but I haven’t regularly worked out with a trainer since, so this was a nice little treat.

Steph may look all sweet, but she knows how to kick your ass. Hard. Since she teaches Cardio, I thought it would be a high-impact, heart-pumping session, but Steph went after all my muscles with heavy weights. Check it out below! (Obviously, modify appropriate to your own fitness level. The weighted exercises are meant to push your muscles to exhaustion, so keep that in mind.)

steph neiman workout.jpg An Uplifting, Ass Kicking Workout

The “running lines” was running between cones, but you could just pick two points (I originally wrote two pinots…where’s my mind??) to run back and forth between.

As part of a partnership with Uplift, I’ve been receiving classes for the past two months in exchange for blogging about my experience. Through tomorrow, 5/5, you can get 10% off by using the code losingweightinthecity while checking out. Next week, I’ll be posting a recap of these past two months!

Have you ever walked into a class and found it was just you? What happened? Did the instructor do a class for just you or do something similar to what Steph did?

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