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A Soul-Nourishing Weekend

This weekend, I nourished my soul. (And my belly.)

201305060902 A Soul Nourishing Weekend

A friend had a Derby party on Saturday, and I made deviled eggs for the first time ever, using Anne’s healthy deviled egg recipe. It substitutes Greek yogurt for mayo. I think mayo is gross, so yogurt > mayo, always. (Relatedly gross: cottage cheese, sour cream.) It takes a lot of patience to carefully peel the eggs, and I ruined the first two eggs as I tried to tear the shells off, but then I calmed the eff down and got into an eggshell peeling groove and remembered why cooking can be so therapeutic.

201305060913 A Soul Nourishing Weekend

[Thanks to Jen for this photo. Go over to her blog and congratulate her on her PR and say happy birthday!!!]

Yesterday morning, I ventured down to NJ bright and early to spectate the NJ Marathon/Long Branch Half. Part of what has made any great race so enjoyable for me has been awesome spectators, so it was rewarding to be on the other side for some awesome runner friends, even if it was chillier than I realized.

I haven’t spectated many races, because if I’m free for a race…I’m usually running it … or am lazy and snuggling under my covers… so I expected to have some serious race FOMO yesterday, but I was really happy and excited for everyone else’s great races and PRs and only had a tiny twinge of FOMO walking back home after I got back into the city.

IMG 2652 A Soul Nourishing Weekend

Then last night, I had Ashley and Bo over for dinner, and I made tacos/fajitas. (All pics via Ashley.)

IMG 2648 A Soul Nourishing Weekend

Proof that I cook sometimes. Or push peppers around in a pan, whatever.

IMG 2644 A Soul Nourishing Weekend

Bo made the margaritas, and he made them strong. Hey, I’m not complaining.

How’d you nourish your soul (or belly!) this weekend?

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