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Just a Taste

Tonight, I was thinking about how I used to blog so much more – a few times a day when I started on Tumblr, but even once I moved over to WordPress, still sometimes twice a day.

On Facebook, I saw that tomorrow is a former coworker’s birthday. She’s going to be 26, Facebook told me. How is she only 26, I thought? It was a few years ago that I worked with her. (Oh right, she was an intern.)

I was 26 when I started this blog. I’d just moved to New York, and I didn’t know a ton of people, didn’t have many hobbies and hadn’t yet assumed such a big commitment with Junior League. I wasn’t coming home and sitting on the couch with Bailey every night, but I wasn’t as busy as I am now. As I wrote a few years ago, it was the perfect time to lose weight. And also start a blog, apparently.

More to come on all of the below soon …

But after finishing a ginormous project today, I met up with Tina and Monica for a wine and cheese media event at the Columbus Circle Whole Foods. I keep telling them I hate wine, but they refuse to listen, so…

201305152207 Just a Taste

Dear Theodora: there is nothing about that angle that works for you.

201305152210 Just a Taste

Dear Green Dog: that angle always works for you.

201305152215 Just a Taste

After, I stopped at a Lyfe Kitchen media event my friend Steph invited me to. Lyfe is a company that’s launching as both a line of restaurants and food that will be available in a grocery store. Again, I’ll write more soon, but the premise is that it’s all healthy and low-sodium. Which you would think would be a recipe for no taste, but the taste of the frittata I had was actually really flavorful.

Anyway, that’s a taste of what I’ve been up to. What have you been up to lately?

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