My Favorite Meditation Resources

Last year when I started having panic attacks, I was desperate to find new stress relief methods, since it was obvious my previous stress relief methods weren’t working.

Before I even found The Greatest Therapist Ever, I started looking for ways to quiet down my racing mind. A friend suggested meditation to me, and I was desperate for a solution other than Xanax, so I tried it.

I don’t always meditate every day, and I don’t always use guided meditations, but I’ve discovered some awesome ones over the past year that I wanted to share with you. Laura asked me for recommendations a few weeks ago, and I figured some of you might find these interesting too.

meditation.jpg My Favorite Meditation Resources

Meditation Oasis: I started with these podcasts, and they also have an app. I listened to them in the morning, at night and even at work, with headphones. Even when I wasn’t “meditating” (i.e. at work), it was still relaxing to hear the soothing voice.

Gabby Bernstein: She has some great free ones on her site, but I also downloaded one of her meditation albums so that I could listen to it wherever I was.

BexLife: I’m a little biased because she’s a friend of mine, but she’s got some awesome meditations on her site/YouTube.

GPS4Soul: I actually love some of the mental health/mindfulness stuff that the Huffington Post is getting into, and they have a decent app called GPS4Soul, which has a number of guided meditations of all different lengths.

Heather Waxman: Fellow blogger Heather (formerly For the Love of Kale) has some kickass meditations on her site and is releasing a meditation album through a Kickstarter campaign. I think she’s going to do awesome things with it, so I was happy to kick in a little to help fund it.

Do you meditate? What are some of your favorite meditation resources – books, albums, websites? I also discovered this article recently on 5 Meditation Tips for People Who Don’t (Yet) Like to Meditate.

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10 comments on “My Favorite Meditation Resources

  1. Becky @ Olives n Wine

    Thanks for posting this! I have always been somewhat of an anxious person and with everything that I have going on right now, I need to find ways to be able to calm myself or I am going to go crazy. I am downloading one of the Meditation Oasis apps right now – I can’t wait to give it a try :)
    Becky @ Olives n Wine recently posted..A Fabulously Bittersweet Weekend


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