Eye on the Start Line(s)

I wrote a post this morning and Ecto (my blogging software) ate it, which is fun.

I also wrote a post for work about how I took an hour off my marathon time. I’m really proud of both accomplishing that, and the post. And I talked to my buddy Mr. Bart Yasso for the piece, too. Go read it.

We’re about 2.5 weeks post-marathon, and my credit card has gotten the best workout of all.

I tried really hard after the marathon to not sign up for more races. I really did. I gave myself a good week…

And then I just couldn’t help it.

I have entered so many lotteries that I better buy a lottery ticket to pay for all of them if I get in.

I’ve also verbally committed to friends (and just need to put credit card number to screen) for some more races. I just need to put a bib on and go. I love races.

Here are the start lines I plan to toe soon:

Dick Meighan 5K.png

Dick Meighan 5K (aka Turkey Trot)

I ran this one last year, and it’s just a solid little local 5K in Upper Saddle River, NJ.


Prospect Park Jingle Bell Jog

I ran this one in 2011, and it’s totally worth the running the hills and hacking a lung up in the cold to say you ran with bells on.

Ted Corbitt 15k

I hate this race. I ran it in 2009 and 2010, and both years, I ran way slower than any other race I’d run around then. My PR pace for that race was a 10:26. My marathon PR pace is a 9:01. So…yeah. I think a PR just might be possible here? But I hate the race…

Hot Chocolate 10K

This is the same weekend, so I likely won’t do both, but this one sounds fun. Let’s be real, were it not for the whole PR thing, I would just do this one and not even consider that damn 15K, but…

NYC Half Lottery

I ran this race in 2010 and 2011 and loved it. Then, it became way more popular and more expensive, and I got disillusioned and started running the D.C. Half instead, but let’s be real: running through a closed-down Times Square is magical.

Cherry Blossom 10-Miler

Last night at #runnerhappyhour, Abby turned to me and asked if I wanted to do the lottery for this. I guess they have a team option, where you either all get in or none of you get in. “Sure,” I said, putting as much thought into it as if she’d asked me if I wanted another drink. Obviously the answer is yes to both questions. I’ve always wanted to run this race but never wanted to deal with the lottery. Also, my current 10-miler PR pace is 8:58. Again, given my marathon PR, I think I’ve got this one.

Nike Women’s Half

This race is expensive and crowded…but I hear it’s fun.

I think I have enough races on my mind right now to keep me occupied.

What races are you signed up for/in lotteries for? How long do you give your credit card a break for after your goal race is over and you want to sign up for all the races?

22 comments on “Eye on the Start Line(s)

  1. Liz

    I am doing NWM DC Half (I did it last year – so fun!) and crossing my fingers for Cherry Blossom! I LOVE that race and would be so sad if I didn’t get in through the lottery this year!

  2. RFC

    THIS is why I’m glad I no longer have credit cards, I used to be SO bad at this! For the first time in my entire running career (7 years) I have ZERO on my calendar. Nothing. I’m in shock myself, but it is kind of great to be running and training without a goal, other than simply to improve. It has kind of re-sparked my love for running!
    RFC recently posted..Dreadmills or Treadmills, the Choice is Yours.

    1. Theodora Post author

      I don’t really have any goals yet, just lots of races for fun…although one of those halfs will probably turn into a goal race.

  3. Veronica

    I’m a fairly new runner and races are what get me going! I signed up for the NYC half lotto and I’m really really really hoping I get in so it could be my first half! I’ve signed up for the Hot Chocolate 10K- hope you decide to do it 🙂


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