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Sometimes Low-Key is Just What You Need

I am undoubtedly a thrill-seeker, an adrenaline and endorphin junkie. This is why I live in the most high-energy city in the U.S., where the possibilities are endless.

But lately, I’ve found joy in the simple. In the weekends with a few or even no plans at all, that truly recharge my batteries, and that’s what this weekend was all about. No big events or races or jam-packed calendars.

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A nice little run through the park with my Junior League ladies…

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Followed by brunch at the Boathouse.

It’s funny, as I trotted over to meet the girls in front of the Boathouse, I thought about how just a few years ago, I was terrified to show up to run club. I didn’t know a ton of people in the League, I didn’t run very fast, but I showed up and now some of these women are my closest friends, and I feel completely at home walking up to meet the running group.

IMG 0059 500x375 Sometimes Low Key is Just What You Need

I walked back to Columbus Circle to get on the subway…and saw one of my favorite views in the city. These stars and this view never cease to take my breath away and make me so happy to live in this crazy city. I wandered around aimlessly for a bit, browsing through C. Wonder (which apparently is closing many of its retail stores) and then stopping to look at Wolford tights. I’ve heard they’re amazing, but I was not ready to drop that kind of dough on tights.

I got a much-needed mani/pedi and decided to go for this luscious color. I stopped by Lacey’s for a glass of vino and we headed out for two birthday parties—a 30 year old’s and a 25 year old’s. Stop #1 was for Daria’s birthday at The Wren, where they had SUPER cute cocktails, including a “Wren-Quila” delicious tequila drink.

From there, we went to Kat’s birthday at Whiskey Town. She’s one of the Uplift instructors, and the irony of having several drinks with fitness instructor buddies is never lost on me.

I slept in this morning until the sun coming through my windows woke me up, and I lazed around until brunch at noon. An old friend from DC had emailed me a few weeks ago that she, too, lived in NYC now and wanted to see if I wanted to get together. I headed out to Brooklyn to meet her at Prime Meats, a cute farm-to-table restaurant in Carroll Gardens. As we talked about D.C., I realized for the millionth time that moving up here nearly 7 years ago was the best decision I ever could have made.

The weather was FREAKING gorgeous today, so I got off the subway several stops early and just meandered my way home, stopping to sit in Madison Square Park to finish Andie’s book. I need a little more time to think about it and digest my feelings about it, but DAMN. Her writing is beautiful, and she’s incredibly open and vulnerable about her issues with food. It was the kind of book I never wanted to end. As I sat there in the park reading, I ran into Melissa and her sweet little pup. I love Bailey to death, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get a little bit of puppy envy any time a sweet little muffin bounds over to me and gives me lots of kisses and smothers me with energy.

I’m prepping some Brussels for our Friendsgiving at work tomorrow, and I’m really happy to go into this (short!) work week nice and calm. Self care is not overrated, it turns out!

How do you recharge on the weekends?


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That Time Taking a Silly Selfie Worked Out in My Favor

A few weeks ago, I realized U.S. Open season was coming up, and I didn’t have tickets.

Steph and I did some chatting on the Twitters about it, and then one day I got into work early, locked myself in a breakout room, and clicked over to my gmail for a hot second to see…

Screenshot 2014 09 08 20.58.32 That Time Taking a Silly Selfie Worked Out in My Favor


Hell yeah! I went with Steph, Jenny and my friend Courtney last Monday, Labor Day.

We saw Victoria Azarenka and Aleksandra Krunic play. Azarenka was ranked in the top 20 in the world, Krunic somewhere around 145th. We thought we were in for a snoozer of a match, but Krunic gave her a serious run for her money.

2014 09 01 22.10.39 1 That Time Taking a Silly Selfie Worked Out in My Favor

It was a nice night, even if it was a little warm.

Up next for the men were Milos Raonic and Kei Nishikori. I’d met Milos a few weeks earlier, so it was AWESOME to see him play. But I was exhausted, and we left by just before 11, when they were still in the first set. The match ended up going to 5 sets, and I was happy I was long asleep by the time it was over. We’d gotten the tickets super cheap and I saw a great first match, so I was okay with this.

A few days later, I noticed an ad on Facebook promoting a contest that Emirates Airlines was doing at the U.S. Open. FACEBOOK RETARGETING WORKS!

NewImage3 That Time Taking a Silly Selfie Worked Out in My Favor

Courtney and I had taken a TERRIBLE selfie, but I figured it was worth posting it for a chance to win, right?

FOR THE TICKETS. I’ll do it for the tickets. You never know…

And then, Saturday afternoon…

IMG 1942 281x500 That Time Taking a Silly Selfie Worked Out in My Favor




So last night, I headed out to Queens for the men’s finals with my partner in crime, Courtney.

Turns out Kei Nishikori, who was playing Raonic when we left last week, had made it to the finals to play Marin Cilic in an underdog matchup. We made it out there halfway through the first set, and watched as Cilic handily beat Nishikori. It clearly just wasn’t Nishikori’s night.

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But first, let us take one more super-flattering Honey Deuce selfie. This one wins nothing except maybe some recommendations for good moisturizer or a wonderful dermatologist for some Botox for me.

What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever won?

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