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A Lovely Hamptons Weekend

HELLO from the Hamptons!

I took today off from work, and although I love my job, I could not be happier that this morning’s view was this and not my computer screens.

amagansett 500x500 A Lovely Hamptons Weekend

So, my friend Heather that I’m out here with is a blog reader turned IRL friend. She came up to me at the Derby party this year and said she read my blog and had joined the Junior League because of me. We started chatting and realized we were basically the same person (and all weekend people have been telling us they think we’re sisters!) and that we grew up 10 minutes away from each other.

All weekend she’s been asking me how I’m going to blog about this weekend.

Some of what happens in the Hamptons must stay in the Hamptons, but here’s what I CAN share about this weekend icon smile A Lovely Hamptons Weekend

We left straight from work on Friday night and sat in hours and hours of traffic…but still got here with plenty of time to go out.

NewImage2 500x500 A Lovely Hamptons Weekend

I win awards for my photography, clearly.

Because I’m weird and really enjoy hanging out with my fitness instructors outside of the studio, I made Liz meet us out. In turn, she made me do burpees in the bar at 3am. In wedges.

2014 07 12 12.41.01 375x500 A Lovely Hamptons Weekend

Just a few hours later, I went to her class at the Fitist Collective, which is a studio space where a lot of NYC studios come and teach out in the Hamptons. UPLIFT IN THE HAMPTONS!

Fitist Collective 500x375 A Lovely Hamptons Weekend

Because I am a hot mess, I couldn’t find matching sneakers and went in (mismatching) socks instead. CLASS ACT. As always, the class was tough but fun.

kale sale 500x438 A Lovely Hamptons Weekend


La Fondita 500x375 A Lovely Hamptons Weekend

We were starving after this, so we went to La Fondita for lunch, and I got shrimp tacos, and we split some chips and guac and happiness and then went to the beach with super sexy chip bellies. AND I SAW SJP ON THE BEACH! Her house is pretty near where ours is, and so is Calvin Klein’s. Ours is, um, a little smaller.

Sunday morning, I woke up and we went for a little run around Amagansett and got breakfast at Mary’s Marvelous, where they have the best iced coffee in the world.

Then, the rest of the day was spent at a bar watching Germany win the World Cup. We went to Zum Schneider’s in Montauk, which was quite the scene but such a fun place to be at when Germany did win!

IMG 7732 500x375 A Lovely Hamptons Weekend

We went to the Meeting House for dinner, where I had the best kale salad of my life…and pasta. I was carb loading for life this weekend.

This morning, I went down to the beach for a little quality time and gave myself a huge pat on the back for taking today off.

I put off my bike ride as long as I could because I was terrified, but I finally went off around 12. Thank god it was overcast and not really sunny. All weekend, I was really excited to ride here but also really nervous about the unfamiliar territory. Would it be really hilly? WOULD I DIE? I wanted to ride out to Montauk and back, but I am dumb and went the wrong way, so I ended up riding to Sag Harbor and back. No pictures because I was just riding on a highway and other than riding through some cute towns, it wasn’t very scenic.

10520298 696127700459623 935696873 n A Lovely Hamptons Weekend


I rode about 25 miles. It wasn’t too hard physically, but it was definitely harder mentally. I was pretty bored and spent some time questioning how the hell I would ride more than double that in a few months. Gulp.

10520255 296101023902344 1994685845 n A Lovely Hamptons Weekend

And then I capped off that ride with a trip to Bostwick’s for a lobster roll. NOW it’s summer. It was really good, but there was too much mayo and I feel kind of sick now. Still worth it.

And now…back to reality. For 9 days before I head to SAVANNAH to see Ashley!

How was your weekend?

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

And all of a sudden, tomorrow is Christmas Eve.

I have to admit, this year I’ve felt a bit like Amanda. I started out the season SO EXCITED for Christmas time, and all of a sudden it’s almost Christmas and I’m just more relieved to slow down than anything. This month has been a whirlwhind of busy days at work (hi, working for a fitness company just before January. Yup.), holiday parties and other obligations. I felt like I was just going through the motions and trying to get through the season with some sanity intact.

I didn’t decorate my apartment. I didn’t send out cards (but I bought some really cute ones on Etsy…) I didn’t get to go home and do Christmas-y things with my family. But I’m so excited to go home and have a few days quality time with them at the most wonderful time of the year.

It FINALLY felt like Christmas time, and I finally felt genuinely excited on Friday night.

IMG 4752 375x500 The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Some of my friends, including my friend Jen, are members of the American Ballet Theater, and they were having a performance of the Nutcracker at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.  I usually go with my parents to Lincoln Center, but my dad couldn’t go this year because of some health issues, so I wasn’t going to cheat on them at Lincoln Center.

It was fun, and I’m glad I went, but Lincoln Center > BAM and NYC Ballet > ABT.

Saturday, I did 95% of my Christmas shopping and errands for my COOKIE SWAP!

Yesterday morning, I took advantage of the mild, mild weather and did a little sightseeing run.

4cbfc64c6b1811e397b912fffcd0f08d 8 The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!


Somehow this is the fourth year I’ve done this cookie swap! This year, I invited wayyyy too many people, and I couldn’t hold that many people in my apartment, so Leanne at Uplift was kind enough to let me hold my cookie swap there. (Yes, we drank wine and ate cookies at a gym. Is that not normal?)

IMG 3212 The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Uplift is like my second home, so it didn’t feel that weird.

IMG 3213 The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I’m pretty sure Lacey has helped me set up every single year. I’m pretty sure Lacey wins friend of the year award.


IMG 3214 The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

And Steph wins Prettiest Cookie of the Year award.


IMG 3215 The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Former Coworker Abby wins points for the prettiest store-bought cookies.

IMG 3216 The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Leah wins for just being the cutest. I don’t know if you can tell in this pic, but her sweater has furry sleeves. NBD.

IMG 3218 The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Jen wins for co-president of the Small Eyes Club.

IMG 3219 The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Katie and Meghan win for looking like they are chair models.

IMG 3223 The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Emily hands-down, without a doubt, wins for best-dressed with her cute, cute, cute Vineyard Vines skirt.

IMG 3225 The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Former Coworker Abby wins for brightest pants.


IMG 3226 The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Laura wins for best coordinated with the hostess.

IMG 3228 The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

And my super-cute and sweet little coworker Alex wins Saint of the Year for having to deal with me before my coffee. Caitlin wins at life for the Best Single-Girl Card ever.

IMG 3235 The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

We had the entire space, but everyone ended up congregating by the bar. Shocker.

Oh, except for when Gia, Kscott and I decided to do a little photo shoot.

730242b66bdc11e3ad5e12b4d7054647 8 The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Leanne, please let me come back? icon smile The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Also, pro tip: do not pick up a heavier kettlebell than you’ve ever picked up before (30 pounds) after several glasses of bubbly. All ended well, but…there was definite potential for it not to.

Where’s the most random place you’ve ever held a party? What makes it feel like the holidays to you?

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