A Very NYC Week

I woke up exhausted this morning and wondered why.

Then I thought about my past week, and I did…a lot. Of fun stuff!

Starting with last Saturday:

I went to our Junior League Winter Ball for my EIGHTH time (whoa.)

NYJL Run Club

As has been tradition for quite a few years now, our run club met for a few miles and brunch (at Kingside, YUM) before the big day. The feels-like temp was something under 20/terrible.

Braid Bun Dream Dry

I went to Dream Dry to get my hair did. Because of the neckline of my dress, I definitely wanted to do something up but not stuffy, so I LOVED this bun/braid thingy I got. 10/10, would braid again.

NYJL Winter Ball

My friends are pretty.

NYJL Winter Ball

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Why I *NEED* Morning Workouts

Why I Need Morning Workouts

So…I keep a “compliment log” in my bullet journal (post coming on this one day, I promise!!!) On days when the internal dialogue is telling me I’m less than — or that other people feel that way, it gives me concrete evidence that’s wrong.

OK, fine, most of it involves my hair. It’s consistently been the one thing about myself I’ve always liked. I have thick, mostly straight blond hair, and I really love getting fun blowouts and braids…and ok, fine, the same cut and color most of the time, but whatever.

But all of that is a semi sarcastic aside. There’s one compliment/statement about me that I’ll remember as long as I live — especially what it was in reference to.

“She seems to have this secret energy source inside her,” Christine wrote.

I’ll let you in on a little secret.

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