When You’re Really Bad at Something But Love It Anyway

I never intended to slow down my blogging so much, but much of my time and mental energy is spent with my mom these days, or attempting to look for some light in this dark time of her being sick.

These days, I’m so thankful for those light times shining through the dark, and a day trip or day away feels as exciting as a whole vacation used to feel.

So when my coworker Mallory forwarded me an invite for a surfing press trip she couldn’t attend, I’m not sure I ever responded to an email so quickly. I’m also going to write something for work on exercises to get surf-ready, and I’ll share that here when it’s live! 

Hurley Surf Club

Hurley brought us out to Long Beach to show off the Hurley Surf Club (in partnership with Skudin Surf, where I’ve taken lessons before.) It was such a beautiful day that I had a hard time believing I was just in Long Island, not somewhere more exotic. The surf club is a legit cool idea — you can take free clinics with instructors who will also video you and critique your form and give you pointers on how to improve. They’re trying to bring more of a surf culture to NY beaches. As someone who obsesses over getting the perfect beach wave, I support this and would like to become a surfer girl.

Long Beach

The water was pretty calm so we didn’t have very big waves, which made it a little more difficult — we didn’t have that time cushion to get up a little more slowly. 

Hurley Surf Club

Hurley was also kind enough to let me bring my college roomie, Jen. It makes me happy that after all these years, we are still close. Jen went to high school in Southern California and totally looked like a surfer girl when we started college, so I thought she’d have fun with me and probably show me up.

Long Beach Hurley Surf Club

It’s called a “pop up” when you…well, pop up on to your board to stand up. You’re supposed to stand with your feet parallel to each other but I can’t help but stand up with my feet perpendicular, which means I never stay up very long. The arms in the air is also the exact opposite thing you’re supposed to do.

I have a lot to learn, but it is FUN to play in the water like I’m a kid.

What do you totally suck at but love anyway?

Let’s Play Running

I may never podium at a race.

I may never break some of the PRs I set several years ago when time was more ample and life was easier.

And that’s OK. For now, maybe forever. 

Life is serious. Running doesn’t have to be. (It’s totally fine/cool if it is — if that also gives you some level of enjoyment, sense of accomplishment or pride.)


There’s only one thing to do when running in 91 percent humidity. 🎥 @camillepal

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So for six miles yesterday morning, with one of my best friends, Camille, by my side, we laughed, we talked about the tough stuff, the fun stuff, the running-is-both-awesome-and-terrible stuff, and the OMG it’s 91% humidity.

We stopped to walk when we needed to…and when a fountain presented itself in East River Park, I ran through it, joyful like a child, and obviously made her record it so, yeah, I could share it, but also for me to look back on during harder days and remember that moment of joy in the midst of the chaos and the pain. Her coach calls it “let’s play running,” and for a little while yesterday morning, I truly felt like a child at play.

I’ve always been a terrible napper (thank you #anxiety), but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that after this run, I managed to fall asleep on the train out to NJ, content and at peace that I’d done something for myself. 

How do you find the JOY in running/working out?