Why I *NEED* Morning Workouts

Why I Need Morning Workouts

So…I keep a “compliment log” in my bullet journal (post coming on this one day, I promise!!!) On days when the internal dialogue is telling me I’m less than — or that other people feel that way, it gives me concrete evidence that’s wrong.

OK, fine, most of it involves my hair. It’s consistently been the one thing about myself I’ve always liked. I have thick, mostly straight blond hair, and I really love getting fun blowouts and braids…and ok, fine, the same cut and color most of the time, but whatever.

But all of that is a semi sarcastic aside. There’s one compliment/statement about me that I’ll remember as long as I live — especially what it was in reference to.

“She seems to have this secret energy source inside her,” Christine wrote.

I’ll let you in on a little secret.

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Running is Humbling…(And Exciting)

NYC Marathon

Live from New York…it’s my couch. And it’s wonderful.

I mentioned recently I’d started running again more. My trainer, Leanne, said something “as runners, we ___” (I don’t remember what, but it probably had to do with muscle tightness.) I felt a twinge of sadness as I realized I didn’t feel as though I could identify myself as a runner.

Last week, my therapist told me, “Theodora, you really need to get back to running more. You’re truly your best self when you run.”

WOW. That woman I pay money to tell me insightful things…is so freaking right.

So I’ve run a few times in the past week, and even though it generally has sucked during (I feel tight and lumbering and slow), but after…all those sweet, sweet endorphins come rushing back and I remember why I do this.

Until a day or two later when my hip flexors and calves are SCREAMING for mercy, and I know the foam roller will help but will also hurt like all hell.

So I’m trying to safely increase mileage for the Brooklyn Half while being cognizant of my body and that line between soreness and actual pain.

But, damnit if these two ladies weren’t right. I’m so happy to have running back in my life and starting to talk to others about run coaching. I’m emailing with a few of you lovelies, coaching one of my friends (and her dad!) to their first halves and helping a coworker figure a way to safely get through her first marathon after injury…and I love it. Watching/helping others is as inspiring to me as running myself.

NYC Marathon

And then this happened.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little apprehensive at first. “Can I really do this again??”

And then I got excited for the best day of the year and realized I have eight months.

Did you get into NYC?? Tell me about your epic running comeback, also.