Daily Archives: May 4, 2009

This photo doesn’t even begin to do this salad justice. Unfortunately, it’s all yummy in my tummy already! What’s in it?

Peppers, chicken, grape tomatoes and sundried tomatoes! I put it all in a frying pan, added some olive oil spray (since I may or may not have dropped and broke my bottle of olive oil last week and haven’t replaced it yet) and some chili powder for flavor and sauteed for a few minutes and threw it over the spinach and added some guacamole! I get out of work at 6, so if I go to the gym after work (which I usually do — and tonight, got an ass-kicking there by my trainer, if you must know), I usually don’t get home until after 7:15-7:30.

By the time I take Bailey out for a walk, it’s nearly 8, and the last thing I want to do is figure out what to have for dinner. So I don’t usually like to follow a recipe. I throw a bunch of ingredients in a pan and see what happens! Sometimes good, sometimes not. But it’s just food!

Chicken ceasar salad from Pret a Manger. There are better for you salads out there; there are worse for you salads out there. I’d prefer one with some more veggies, but this isn’t too bad in a pinch. Nutrition facts say about 430 calories, but I didn’t eat the croutons, so I’d guess mine had a few less calories.