Daily Archives: October 5, 2010

Dinner tonight was a turkey burger, spinach sauteed in coconut butter and some marinara sauce over brown rice. These were Fresh Direct turkey burgers, and they’re kinda lame. The coconut butter and marinara sauce made up for that, though.

Five days until Chicago! Today was one of those craptastic days where every tiny little thing went wrong (subway never came, cab got stuck in traffic, forgot socks when I tried to run at lunch, as well as wallet to buy socks) and I didn’t get to run, so I’m excited for my second to last run tomorrow before Chicago!

I may stop/cut back on taking pics of all of my food, but lunch today was pretty awesome. Our new office has a cafeteria that has a pretty sweet stir-fry station, so I got some chicken and veggies stir-fried and put on top of brown rice.