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What a Difference a Year Does (and Doesn’t) Make

[By the way, this photo…and most of my photos lately is from Instagram, which I’ve become obsessed with in the past few months. I’m theodorable (shut up, childhood nickname) if you want to follow me.]

This morning I met Ashley for a run. 5:15 wakeup, 5:45 5:51 I was at her apartment.

We covered about 5 miles together, and I covered 1.2 running to her apartment and then back to my own. My legs felt like lead, and for a good stretch of the run, we could barely see three feet ahead of us in the dark, but I’m glad I did it and I’m glad I had Ashley to meet to get me out of bed.

Today marks one year at my job. It’s been an intense one, but after being laid off, I’m happy to have a job, and I’m proud of still maintaining my weight and running (and, oh hey PR-ing my marathon) despite working long hours.

Thanksgiving was last week, but I’m still thankful. Okay, time to blast some Christmas music in my ears and get to working.



Slaughtering Sunday Night Anxiety + Cyber Monday Zooma Race Discount!

I’m not going to lie, I went into today with some lingering Sunday Night Anxiety.

I went into today thinking about how much I have to get done this week, how much I need to get done in the next few weeks so I can just relax on the beach in St. Croix.

Nothing spectacular happened today, but I was still in a fabulous mood, and I even still had plenty of energy by the time I left. I’m trying to focus on eating better–and less processed food–before I go to St. Croix, and even just focusing on that the past few days is already making a difference. (Or maybe there was more caffeine in my coffee than I realized this morning?)


I got a new haircut yesterday, and I felt like a new person walking into work today.


I stopped at a little boutique after my haircut, and got this sweater and bracelet with a gift card I won a few months ago, and they, too, put a little more pep into my step at work.

I got out of work at a decent hour, and did a bit of pre-Christmas shopping. Some people get sick of Christmas music by the end of the season, BUT NOT ME. I was basically grinning walking around Flatiron tonight.


I came home and assembled some leftovers into a meal. Rotisserie chicken, stuffing and string beans with almonds. I’m 3/3 for having prepared my own meals today, something that hasn’t happened in a while. I’m trying my best to stop spending so much damn money on food, despite being busy.



And I got this sweet postcard in the mail from the Army Ten-Miler. This little postcard reminded me of a really fun day with my friends and had a hilarious picture of me on it. It’s on my refrigerator right now, but it may go to work to be hung next to my Marine Corps certificate. Unclear.

Zooma Annapolis

I was recently selected to be a ZOOMA Ambassador for their Annapolis race next year, which means I will get a free entry in exchange for blogging about the race. I had a lengthy phone conversation with their founder, Brae Blackley, a few months ago, and she told me about how she quit her job in corporate law to follow her dreams and create a women’s only race. I love hearing stories about people who follow their hearts to do what makes them happy–especially when it involves encouraging others to adopt a healthy lifestyle. And I love crabcakes and football, and that’s what Maryland does, so I had to do it.


If you’re interested in running their Florida, Texas or Annapolis races, they’re offering 10% off today.

Oh, and they love chevron as much as I do. Deal.

How was your Monday? Are you doing any of the Zooma races? Are there any other race discount codes I should know about?