Daily Archives: December 9, 2012

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas!

Although I love love love love Christmas, it’s definitely harder as an adult to muster up the same excitement I did as a child.

But the holidays as an adult are more fun, anyway.


[photo via Ashley]

Ashley and her husband hosted their Tacky Sweater Christmas party last night, and I had so much fun catching up with some of my favorite running buddies, some girl who I spent all weekend with and Bo and Ashley’s friends.

Mistletoe is meant for eating, right?

This afternoon, I went over to my college roomie Jen’s apartment to catch up and see her tree.

photo 2.JPG

So pretty!

Jen and I would always drive back to D.C. together after Thanksgiving and blast Christmas music the entire time. Since I moved to NYC a few years ago, our new tradition became to watch Elf together for the first time that Christmas season…so we did that this afternoon.


Okay, it feels like Christmas time now.

What are your favorite holiday traditions???