Sunshine Dreams ☀️

Hello from snowy NYC.

Real talk: I’ve always hated snowstorms. With a February birthday that got canceled more times than not growing up + growing up an only child, I’ve always seen snowstorms as lonely and feeling trapped. After walking Bailey this morning, I got Starbucks just because I could because I was happy it’s open.

But let’s talk about happier and sunnier things, shall we? Two weeks from now, I’ll be lying on the beach in the Dominican Republic. Other than the Chicago Marathon, I haven’t had some real unplugged time off since our live daliy workout show started back in August. Some girlfriends spied a deal to the Dominican Republic and I’m not sure I’ve ever thrown down a credit card more quickly.

With that said, my browser history is all sundresses and bikinis right now, and I’m being retargeted all over the Internet for sunny stuff. #notcomplaining. Here’s the warm-weather stuff I’m browsing right now.

Victoria Beckham Rose Gold Aviator Sunglasses

Seeing the world through rose-colored funglasses…

Triangl Bikini

My boss has one of those cute Triangl bikinis, and really, I just want to be like her, so. (Victoria’s Secret also has a knockoff, which apparently they’ve gotten into some hot water for.)

Calypso Cover-Up

Because everything Calypso is gorgeous, no? And this is actually on sale and would be a gorgeous cover-up.

Lilly Pulitzer Caftan Cover-Up

And a Lilly one, obvi.

Bahia Principe Dominican Republic Punta Cana

Just counting down the hours…

10 comments on “Sunshine Dreams ☀️

  1. Katie

    My dad has been down in florida for a month, and my mom and brother just left to join him, thankfully I’ll be there for a long weekend at the end of february. I like winter, snow and cold, but only when I”m properly dressed for it.

  2. Katie @ Kale Me Katie

    Hi, long-time reader, first time commenter :). I MUST have that Lilly cover up, its dreamy! Also, I caved in and ordered a Triangl bikini last year but the fit didn’t work for me (it was SO darn thick)..but they are adorable!

  3. Melissa

    Ahhh a beach escape sounds like JUST what I need right now. I need to remember this feeling, so that next year I actually have a vacation planned. I’ll be living vicariously through you as you vacation in the Dominican!!!

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  5. Alison Burke

    Retargeted! I knew there must be a word for when all of my online window shopping continues to haunt me for weeks (like that time I casually clicked on a really lovely watch that turned out to cost $30K and I could barely check my email without being taunted by some outrageously beautiful and expensive bauble).

    The pink aviators are amazing (though there look a bit wack in the model try-on photo — perhaps a photoshop fail 🙂 )

    1. Theodora Blanchfield Post author

      When I learned the term a few years ago in a vendor meeting at work, I was like OH so you’re the people who do that! I found a gorgeous Oscar de la Renta dress a few years ago…and it followed me all over the Internet, TAUNTING me.


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