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This May Be Oversharing Podcast: Episode 4, How to Deal with Anxiety at Work

this may be oversharing: katherine schafler

Disclaimer: I am not a therapist (clearly), and the following guest is a therapist, but not your therapist (unless she is.) We discuss mental health issues, but please reach out to a mental health professional if you are struggling or to the National Crisis Text Line. If you are experiencing a psychiatric emergency, please call 911.

This May Be Oversharing Podcast: Episode 4!

I am so, so excited to have therapist Katherine Schafler on the podcast today. I apologize in advance for some of the audio quality…still learning!

Katherine is a therapist in private practice. She used to work on-site at Google as a therapist there. We met several years ago at an event at Uplift (my fave fitness studio, linked below if this is somehow the first time you’re reading/hearing me mention it!) I’ve loved following her on social media because she’s a breath of fresh air, and I love her really frank-yet-positive approach. We talked about therapy in general, the workplace and mental health, and Katherine’s own experiences with therapy. I really enjoyed our conversation, and I hope you will too!

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Things Mentioned:


Columbia psych program

Different modalities of therapy

Psychology Today

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Psychoanalytic therapy

Psychodynamic therapy


Past life regression analysis


High functioning depression

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How I Get in Touch with Myself

If you read closely around here, you probably noticed how vibrant I was feeling when I was in California this fall. While I certainly had some rough times—and some very rough times internally—my time out there really allowed me to ~get in touch with myself~ in a way I maybe never had before.

You know how sometimes you talk with someone else, and you just really click with them? You really connect with them, and there’s this feeling of understanding, of feeling at home in the world with someone who gets you. That’s pretty rare to begin with, but even more rare is actually connecting with ourselves.

To be honest, it hasn’t been all puppies and sunshine (but if someone could arrange both, that’d be cool too) since I’ve been back in NYC. The holiday season was hard on me, and winter in NYC is just a long slogfest of cold, gray days and being stuffed in subway cars in your puffer jacket sweating to death.

Part of my deciding to stay in NYC, and not move to CA (yet. maybe one day!) is that, sure, it was easy enough to get in touch with myself in a gorgeous place. But wherever you go, there you are, etc., and I know I have more work to do to learn to have some level of peace in places other than CA.

So, I’ve been looking to reconnect with myself here in NYC. Here’s what’s working for me. What helps you connect with yourself? [None of this is groundbreaking, but a reminder to myself and maybe you?]

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