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I’ve wanted to try Body Space Fitness for at least a year? I am loyal to Uplift to a fault, but sometimes a girl gets a wandering eye and knows there’s other strength classes out there. It seems like anyone who tries Body Space Fitness is kind of obsessed with it.

Well, I finally tried it yesterday. A friend invited me to go with her, and I will never say no to working out with friends. Let me start this off by saying: I am not in the shape I used to be. (I’m learning to meet myself where I’m at, though.) I was scurred. But the instructor was the badass Ivana Bolf, who I worked with at Uplift, so I was happy for another familiar face.

The warmup reminded me a lot of Tone House: butt kicks, high knees, sprints, agility work like grapevines (cariocas? new-to-me word), side shuffling, etc. I was breathless by the end. Uh, this is just the warm-up? Shit.

The actual workout was a metcon, programmed as eight stations, with each exercise programmed for a minute (:40 on, :20 rest). The stations yesterday were:

We ended with a five-minute finisher: a ladder of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 kettlebell swings (I did kettlebell good mornings instead for my back) with just as many lateral bounds to rev up that EPOC.

When Ivana explained the workout I was all yay! I love all of these exercises…that changed, oh, 30 seconds in? That said, the workout flew by, and it burned about 460 calories, according to my BFF, Apple Watch.

10/10, would Body Space again (though probably still with a friend, and with an instructor I knew. I’m feeling easily intimidated these days—it’s not the space at all, it’s me.)

Boston Marathon Spectating!

Hi, I’m here to balance out that last v. heavy post with a lighter one.

For years, I’ve seen photos on social media of people’s amazing weekends in Boston for the marathon and said to myself, “ugh, I should really go one day.”

This year, I made that one day a reality. Soon after returning home, I realized the marathon was coming up and that I was delightfully free that weekend. Why the fuck NOT go?! I booked a last-minute Bolt Bus and Airbnb and hightailed it up there. I didn’t really look for anyone to go with and figured I’d be OK with my own company.

IMG 4537

I got onto the T SO HAPPY to see this sign. I’ve never traveled to spectate a race before, and I didn’t expect the wave of joy I felt on seeing this one little sign.

boston marathon

OK, and then this one.

IMG 4539

I immediately went to this live podcast show with four awesome female podcasters:

(L-R): C Tolle Run

Running for Real

Ali on the Run

I’ll Have Another

I’d met most of them before, other than Carrie Tollefson. Well, NBD, Carrie is a former Olympian and was one of the commentators at Boston the other day.

Hearing these women talk about life, running, careers and their podcasts was so inspiring; there was such positive energy in that room. Podcast-wise, it made me think of what I want to do to continue my podcast—because I do want to continue, I’d just taken a little break after my time in California. Some time to back up a bit and think about what I really want listeners to get out of it, rather than what I want to get out of it. I’m still formulating this, but I want to build a community like these women had—but a community of women who know they’re not alone. Who have gotten through hard stuff and are on the other side—and hey, those of you in the middle of the mess are a part of this, too

. IMG 4557

It was so, so good to see so many old and new friends—it felt like the good ole days of blogging.

IMG 4552

Sunday, I was going to a Nuun event, and I just stopped on Boylston, sat on these bleachers and took it all in, picturing everyone from elites, friends, people with amazing stories, ordinary people all crossing that same finish line the next day. Pretty hard not to be inspired, right?

2019 boston marathon

One day?!


I hit up the expo, and went to a Nuun ambassador meet up, where we did a steamy little shakeout run.

IMG 4569

I know a lot of the Goodr glasses have really troubling names re:addiction…but I really like the glasses…

IMG 4575

They gave us some Nuun Rest to try. It has magnesium, tart cherry and potassium for recovery. The magnesium is supposed to help you unwind, too. Well, dear readers, I have a very sensitive stomach that does not like magnesium to begin with…and yup, confirmed. If you have a stomach of steel, go ahead, though.

IMG 4577

So, the weather was forecasting rain. I’m not always the biggest optimist…except where weather’s concerned. I’m always convinced the sun’s weirdly going to come out and it’s going to be warm and I’m not going to be prepared. So hence the sunglasses and rain jacket. Braids in case I got caught in a monsoon. I’m always concerned about my hair, to be very honest. Something I have control over in the world?

boston marathon

I met Charlie and a friend of hers in Wellesley, at the halfway point. And sure enough, the sun started coming out. We were feeling warm just watching, so we started really feeling for the runners.



It was just amazing to be so close to the elites and watch them RACE.

IMG 4616

(Stolen from Charlie’s ‘gram)

To end my day, I hightailed it back into the city to hit the New Balance party at the finish line with my girl Sarah and her little boys.

sarah fit

Pretty sure I got back on that bus still grinning.

Of course, now I really want to BQ. It’s a lifetime goal. One day. (My running buddy, Leah, is turning 50 next year, and the BQ qualifying time is sub-4. I’m a little jealous, not gonna lie.)

Favorite race you’ve ever spectated?!