Things I’ve Bought/Read/Loved

I like writing the deeper posts, but I also really like sharing the products I’m loving lately and things I’m reading that have me thinking.

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I’m sitting here with a latte by my side, so I have to give some love to my Nespresso. It’s the little slim-line one, and I think it’s the perfect apartment-sized machine. I have these really cute little espresso cups for when I just want to drink the espresso without milk. Recently, I invested in the Aeroccino milk frother, and I just wish I had earlier—now I can make lattes at home.

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I’m doing yoga at least two or three times a week, so I spend a lot of time on my mat. I have a Yoga Design Lab mat, and it is gorgeous. It has a microfiber top layer, so I don’t need an extra towel, even in hot yoga. (To be fair, I’m not a terribly sweaty person.)

I’m watching a segment on the Today Show about light therapy. I’m thinking I won’t need my Happy Light in SoCal since I’ll still be able to get sun during the day, but I found it relatively helpful when I lived in NYC. (I started writing this post before the time change, and I may revise this opinion now that sunset is before 5pm.)

I came back to add this in—I got these tights from Lorna Jane, and they’re kind of life-changing. They’re a good tight you can wear to work out or just to hang. I don’t love my midsection, but they’re very high-waisted and flattering. Not cheap, but they were on sale at my LJ.

You can go ahead and make fun of me, but I got Lucy a Furbo. Lucy? Who am I kidding, its all for me. I can check in on her when I’m not home, talk to her and throw her treats. She’s figured it out already, though, and sometimes just sits in front of it when I’m home and waits for it to throw her treats. 


This has been an incredibly introspective period in my life, and I am reading a ton of really thought-provoking writing. Here’s some things that have made me think or really resonated with me lately.

I’d never read Dooce’s blog because #notamom. But I remember hearing about her memoir The Valedictorian of Being Dead: Dying Ten Times to Live a few months ago. It’s about an experimental depression treatment she tried where, essentially, she is put into a state of being brain-dead for 15 minutes with the anesthetic propofol to relieve her depression. And it appears it worked! I downloaded this right after it came out, but hearing about her not wanting to be alive hit too close to home for me, and I had to wait until I was in a better place to read it. My book idea has shifted a million times, but this is certainly good inspiration. Some of it was hard for me to read because she was surrounded by her family, and I did my recent treatment all on my own.

Related to depression treatment…I wrote a few weeks ago that I’d been trying ketamine treatment, and it’s been working. But it’s still a fairly new treatment, so it was isolating not knowing anyone doing it, and I read all I could. This essay from John Gorman describes so many parts of my experience—feeling like I was soaring over the Pacific, feeling like I was in a weird cross between an MRI tube and a ride at Disneyland.

Super Attractor by Gabby Bernstein: By title, this book is about manifesting, and there’s plenty of manifestation talk in there. I have complex feelings about the idea of manifesting, so I’ll say what I most took from this book was ways to feel better. She talks about the principle of picking the next best feeling. It’s a lot to go from things are the worst to things are the best, but what if you could find one speck of goodness to make things look a little less bleak? This is no rocket science, as most self-help books aren’t, but it’s always good reinforcement. Listen to this book as an audiobook if you can. One line that really, really resonated with me: “My commitment to feeling good is stronger than the pull of my old habits.”

Just gonna go ahead and pimp my own work for a second. I’ve been writing for Talkspace, the online therapy platform, for a few months now, and it’s something I’m really proud of. One of my goals when I started freelancing was to have clients I regularly received work from (to reduce the pitching process), and that’s actually where I am with 95 percent of my work right now. A recent piece I wrote for Talkspace: How to Make Friends as an Adult.

I also just preordered Jen Gotch’s upcoming book. If you don’t know who she is, the Cliff’s Notes: she started a fun lifestyle brand called, and she is incredibly candid about her struggles with bipolar.

What have you been loving lately?

Ocean Breeze 5K Race Recap

Sunday was supposed to be my eighth marathon.

But it just wasn’t in the cards for me. This was not my year for running 26.2—I just couldn’t get into the shape I wanted to in time.

My New York City Marathon FOMO was HIGH. Everything marathon was making me tear up this weekend—it’s my favorite day.

So I decided to do something for myself—run a local 5K. A Better World Running runs small races along the beach path. Sometimes it feels like a waste of money to pay to run on the path I run every day, but sometimes it’s also just fun to pin a race bib on and run with a bunch of people. I’ve run a 15K and a 5K (no recap) with them, and for what it is, they put on a good race.

My friend Carolyn and I were texting back and forth about NYCM FOMO, and I managed to rope her into this with me!

The start is about half a mile away from me, so I jogged over to warm up and had a good feeling even warming up. I rolled up at 7:10 to pick up my bib for a 7:20 race—love me a good local race.

When I ran the Manhattan Beach 10K a few weeks ago, I had some Vega Pre-Workout Energizer (my digestive system does not tolerate coffee before running) and used my inhaler (my lungs don’t love LA air, especially during fire season), and I felt really strong, so I did the same before this race. (That part was more for me than you, to remember.)

We hadn’t talked about it, but I hoped Carolyn and I would run together. I’m physically getting stronger, and I’m mentally getting so much stronger in the rest of my life, but I’m still kind of struggling mentally with running. I’m less likely to want to stop if I’m running with someone else.

But Carolyn and I started together and ran the whole thing together! The race route is simple—it just goes 1.5 miles up the beach path and turns around. The first mile felt great. We talked intermittently—the pace wasn’t super easy for either of us, but it was still OK enough to talk sometimes.

It felt interminable to get to the turnaround mark, but I still felt strong physically, just a little bored. But before I knew it, we were turning around WOO HOO.

The downside to a race running on the path you’re on every day is that you know exactly how long it is to the finish, and I was just waiting to run south past the pier to know we were almost done. We were just north of the pier when I realized I hadn’t looked at my watch once—and didn’t WANT to. I knew I was running faster than I usually did and I didn’t want to psyche myself out. I said this to Carolyn and she agreed.

I hate the new Activity app in iOS 13, because I cannot for the life of me figure out how to look back to see the splits from a few days ago, but we finished in 28:59, a 9:20 pace. I’m a long way from where I used to be, for sure, but I’m feeling stronger and that’s what’s important to me right now.