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If you’re new here, I don’t always have some great, yummy recipe to share with you. I do always show you how I try to maintain my healthy habits no matter how busy I am (and don’t get bent out of shape if I have a few less-than-healthy meals—I just jump back up on the bandwagon.)

Some other posts you might want to check out if you’re new:

How I started. I didn’t write it in that first post, but my friend was getting married in Aruba last summer, and I really wanted to lose the weight I’d been carrying around for years in time for that.

Basic nutrition guidelines I’m following. The guidelines my trainer gave me that helped me lose the bulk of the weight. I’d love to say I’m actually following these right now, but…I’m not.

And my standard disclaimer that I’m not trying to push my ways on anyone—that I’m showing you what works for me.

“Motivational” (although I am really loathe to call myself or any of my posts motivational, you might find them so)

Yes, You Can! (Or why I don’t believe your excuses.)

NYC Fitness Classes

Bar Method

Physique 57

Yoga to the People

Equinox Classes:

30/60/90 with Kristi Molinaro

Barre Burn with James Darling


My Running Story

Race Recaps

Posts from training for my first marathon! (Chicago—10.10.10)

Picking a Running Coach

My Running Coach Answers Your Questions (like–why do you only [only, haha] run 20 miles before a marathon?)

How to Pack for a Race

Winter Running Tips

How I Fuel for Long Runs

Things I’m Doing for My Second Marathon That I Didn’t Do for My First

Things that Are Awesome About Training for a Marathon

Things That Suck About Training for a Marathon

How I Overcame Asthma and Ran a Marathon

What You Really Need (and Don’t) to Run Long Distances 

6 comments on “Favorite Posts

  1. Beau

    When it comes to loosing weight most diet programs will tell you that calories are bad and that you should cut them out or severely limit them. But the problem with that is its not healthy and will cause more harm than good. very low calorie diets do help you loose weight, but not the right weight fat as well as muscle are lost in this diet. this occurs because of your body’s lack of calories initiates starvation mode causing your body to breakdown your muscles to survive including skeleton and organ tissue. The only way to truly lose fat and keep it off permanently is to reduce your calories slightly and increase your physical activity greatly

  2. Mary Cosedine

    I like your approach to fitness etc. If we become too manic this effects our lifestyle and enjoyment tends to diminish. We need to enjoy what we are doing. Even if this means exercise regimes and being a bit careful with what we eat and drink, but it is no great tragedy if we have a bit of a “slip up” for a period, because we know what to do!!!

  3. Dana Glabeman

    I think it’s so important to be real about what you’ve done that’s worked for you-i’s so cool that you’re doing that instead of pushing one product or promoting a perfect, impossible-to-maintain lifestyle. It’s about little changes that can be maintained, being patient, letting little victories add up to big ones, no being overly critical of yourself, taking it one day at a time and starting each day with a positive outlook. Hooray for you for promoting a healthy, sustainable way to lose weight permanently.


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