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An Ode to Cheese

Once upon a time, there was a girl whose father had customers in Wisconsin.

Every time he went to Dodgeville, she would drop hints about how much she’d love a cheesehead. (To express her love for the food, not the team. No offense, Packers fans.)

Every time he came home, he returned empty-handed.

She put this experience behind her, until the Packers won the Super Bowl. She was sick, and really rather grumpy, so she called her father and reminded him of this.

Be careful what you wish for, folks. A week later, there was a delivery. What did I find inside? My very own cheesehead.


This girl lost all of last week’s cooking mojo and ordered some sushi tonight. This girl is bummed she hasn’t found a good sushi place in her new hood yet.


This girl is done writing in the third person.

Dunkin Donuts + Almond Breeze = The Best Pairing Since Will and Kate

This post is sponsored by Almond Breeze and was written pre-coffee. The author cannot be held responsible for sentiments expressed without caffeine.

A day without coffee is like a day without sunshine.


A few years ago, I had to give up coffee for a few months, and it was a dark point in my life with no happiness. I’m only slightly exaggerating.

I love everything about coffee—the way it warms me up inside, the morning ritual of it, and, obviously, the pep in my step it gives me. Ask my parents, my coworkers or my good friends, and they’ll tell you: you do NOT want to see pre-coffee Theodora.

And since I grew up in New Jersey, I have mad love in my heart for Dunkin’ Donuts, and it’s really my favorite coffee. You can keep your fancy French-pressed coffee and bla bla bla artisan coffee, but I love me a good cup of Dunkin’ and will even walk out of my way in the morning to get it. (That’s saying a lot for this lazy at heart girl.) Those seven years in DC were a dark time; Dunkin’ only started getting a hold on that market my last year there. Until then, I’d drive over to Capitol Hill or out to Arlington to get some. In college, when there were even fewer, friends and I took special pilgrimages during finals out to Maryland and Virginia to find our beloved DD.

But since I largely gave up dairy a few years ago, my only beef with the DD was their lack of non-dairy milk options. I can tolerate some milk in my coffee, but I really prefer non-dairy, and almond at that.

Almond Breeze Dunkin Donuts

WELL! Clearly I’m not the only one, and Dunkin’ Donuts finally listened, and is now providing Almond Breeze at select locations.

You can go to their store locator to see if your location is one of them (that little AM will denote that it is.)

Screenshot 2014 09 29 09 20 45

My drink of choice? French vanilla with Almond Breeze. Boom.

Happy National Coffee Day.

What’s your coffee drink of choice?