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The Crash After the Storm

Dude, I am TIRED.

Picture 56.png

Considering I’ve run close to 60 miles in the past month (with 39.3 of those miles being in half-marathons), it’s understandable.


This morning, I went back to sunflower butter and a banana sandwich for breakfast with the rest of yesterday’s almond milk latte, which I was too tired to drink. My stomach is a little off, and I felt a little nauseous after I ate this. I took some naproxen last night because it reduces inflammation. I’m not sure if it’s that or I’m a little dehydrated, but I’m drinking water like it’s my job today.

On a positive note, the naproxen definitely helped my muscles. Yesterday, my calves were so sore I couldn’t even stand on my tippy-toes to get a wine glass off of a high shelf, and today I was able to walk to work without a problem.


Today’s lunch was leftovers from last night’s dinner. I forgot to put cheese on it, and so last night’s was way better.

I am so looking forward to my bed tonight.

I’m Too Old For This

I was so excited for St. Patrick’s Day yesterday, but I think I’m too old to enjoy going out in NYC on St. Patrick’s Day any more. The bars are overcrowded and everyone is far more drunk than I cared to get on a Thursday night three days before a big race.


But Kellie, one of my best friends from growing up, and I put on our best “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” shirts and rallied to make fun of those who had more to drink than we had. I had three beers (including one fabulous Smithwick’s, which immediately takes me back to Ireland!) while out–back in the day, I would have considered that pre-gaming, but today, that is the game. And that’s fine, because I have three races to think about!


Back to my usual breakfast.


Today, my dress (that photo obviously not from today) matches the butterflies in my stomach about this race. I cannot wait until Sunday and for these butterflies to turn to adrenaline and carry me for 13.1 miles past my mom and everyone else out there watching, across the finish line and to another medal for my collection!

I’m psyched to head to the expo today and to Lululemon tonight to get a little something new for the race–and my free pass to a week of yoga. (If you’re running the NYC Half and you take your bib to Lululemon, you will get a free week of yoga. DO IT!)