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Happy Birthday to Me!

After a long day of skiing, it was time to kick back and celebrate my 28th birthday.

Three years ago, I definitely was in the throes of a quarter-life crisis. I was NOT OKAY turning 25. I had just left my job, I was single, I was unhappy with how I looked and just overall, not a happy girl. I ended up moving home for a few months and then moving into NYC a few months later, where I eventually turned my life around.

Screen shot 2011-02-12 at 8.39.30 AM.png

From my 25th birthday.

Screen shot 2011-02-12 at 8.44.33 AM.png

From my 26th birthday–the weekend before I finally decided to get my weight loss act in gear.

Screen shot 2011-02-12 at 8.48.32 AM.png

From my 27th birthday.

This weekend, I’m spending my weekend being active and I’m surrounded by a bunch of healthy living bloggers with healthy attitudes.


And who take pictures of each other taking pictures. (Hi Leslie!)

DSC_0281.JPGDSC_0272.JPGDSC_0280.JPG DSC_0274.JPG

And eat lots of veggies.

IMG_7161-1.jpeg DSC_0284.JPG

Leslie, Lauren and I decided to supervise the cooking. With 17 people in this house, there’s definitely such a thing as too many cooks in the kitchen. (Ashley was actually cooking but pretended to supervise with us.)

DSC_0288.JPG DSC_0291.JPG

With all this food, I decided to go for a bit of each: shrimp pasta, made by Melissa, baked ziti with sausage, roasted veggies and Caesar salad.


It was maybe a little too much fun for Leslie.

DSC_0294.JPG IMG_7259.jpeg

And then there was birthday cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Photo of me via Meghann!)


And ice cream.

It was quite the fabulous birthday. Thanks to everyone here for making it such a special day, to everyone who commented/tweeted/wished me a happy birthday on Facebook, and of course to my parents.

(There will be more celebrating next week, of course!)


Ski Bunny

Yesterday I woke up almost as excited as if were Christmas.


Which makes sense, considering it was my birthday! And that I was about to go skiing. I actually haven’t skiied since I started this blog, but growing up, I went on a ski vacation with my parents every year. My dad went to college in Montana, and when he moved back to NJ after college, he brought with him a love for skiing that he passed on to me. He taught me the ropes in Vermont as a kid, but as soon as he thought I was ready, we started going to Colorado every year. Our favorites were Breckenridge and Beaver Creek/Vail.

Anyway. The birthday girl went for a bagel with half cream cheese and half Barney Butter to fuel for a long day of skiing.


By the time we go to the mountain, it was around 9. Since I’d lost so much weight, my dad suggested I get my bindings checked on my skis–part of how they configure the binding settings is based on weight. By 9:30, I was ready to go.


Having skiied so much out west growing up, I’m definitely a little bit of a ski snob. East Coast skiing is notoriously icy, and I was a little nervous for the conditions. I was wrong! The conditions in the morning were gorgeous, and I felt like I was back in Colorado. I was a little nervous that I’d forgotten how to ski, too, but it all came right back.


Still, I was excited for lunch.


And a hard-earned Long Trail beer.


I went with a grilled chicken sandwich…


But had a little order envy of these nachos.


Charles, Leslie, and Meghann

I need to get ready to do it all over again, so I’ll be back later with pictures from my birthday celebration!