Those Running Rituals

It’s a wild Saturday night in NYC, and I’m sitting on the couch in my lobster jammies, blogging and getting ready mentally and physically for my 20-mile run tomorrow, and there’s no place I’d rather be.

(OK, fine, I do have some FOMO I’m not in Dallas with Ashley and Blake, but I knew it wasn’t a good idea for me to travel the weekend before a marathon I’m not as well trained for as I’d like to be.)

Grete's Great Gallop

Tomorrow, I’ll run Grete’s Gallop, a half marathon in Central Park, with seven miles before. Running two hilly laps of the park isn’t my ideal long run, but most of my NYJL team is running it, followed by brunch. Since I hopped into the training so late and am running another marathon before NYC (what?! I still can’t believe I’m doing that…), my training has been pretty different than the rest of the team, so I’m happy for an opportunity to run with some of them.

Plus, hi, like I’d turn down an opportunity to run a half-marathon? And Grete’s is a nice reasonable one, at only $35. 

Now that I’ve been running/blogging for nearly seven years (wha??), it’s fun to be able to look back on old recaps of past races.

I ran this race in 2013 and remember it so vividly: I remember that Emily was running it as a tune-up for her first NYC Marathon, I remember how badly I chafed from the humidity, but what I remember most is that I was in the process of interviewing for my current job, and had to submit a huge social media proposal by that next day. I remember being so stressed out when I woke up that morning and trying my best to put it to the back of my mind while I ran.

In 2011, I ran into Gia and ended up PR-ing by accident…which then put me in PT for the rest of training because I pushed it too hard and my knee told me so.  

Tomorrow, my only goal is to get 20 in and feel good when I’m done.

I’m treating this like a dress rehearsal for the big day next weekend: same outfit, same fueling plan (Nuun to drink, starting with Honey Stinger gel and moving to shot bloks), going to sleep now.

Things I will not be repeating: having Trader Joe’s lobster ravioli for dinner. NOPE. I should have known better…

What are your running rituals?

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11 Days to Go!

Tomorrow is October 1.

1. How the hell did that happen?

2. That means I’m running a marathon in just 11 days.

Long Run 9 26 91

I am THIS excited.

(The cool thing about these Nike long runs is that they have a photographer. Perfect for narcissistic bloggers!)

With Chicago just 11 days away, I can’t stop: running, talking about running, thinking about running, dreaming about running, reading about running…

Nike Run Club NYC Williamsburg Bridge

This morning, Ashley met me for another Nike Run Club session. We went from the store at 20th and 5th to the Williamsburg Bridge and back for a total of 5 humid-as-hell miles. Ashley and I split for her to head back to Brooklyn and I chatted with THIS badass woman who’s running a 100-miler at the end of October. I ran 17 miles last weekend; she ran 50!

Conversely, I also read an interesting piece on Refinery29 in defense of the 12-minute miler and non-competitive exerciser. OK, so maybe I am (too?) competitive with myself, but I’ll truly never be competitive with others and the most important thing is that you’re moving. That’s the message with our new product at work, too.

After my run, I had a PT appointment, which meant I got to talk MORE about running with my PT, who’s proud of my progress…and that I listened to her. I’m honestly still really shocked that I’m actually going to make it to this marathon. I was afraid for much of the summer that I wouldn’t, but I’m so glad I’ve made it.

I’ve hit the stage of my training where I don’t think, I just do…and now it’s time to run a marathon. I haven’t run a marathon without a time goal since my first (which was also Chicago!), so it will be interesting for me to go out there and just see how I can do. Jess doesn’t want me to set a goal, but my running is so motivated by time. I think my loose goal is somewhere between 4:10 – 4:20, which I think is fairly doable, but we’ll see.

Long Run 9 26 99

Until then, it’s just me and the miles. 

What motivates you to run / work out?

Also…any of you running Chicago around a 4:15ish goal pace? I might be looking for friends :)

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