Confessions of a Morning Exerciser Gone Astray


Mug shot or Snapchat? Unclear.

Once upon a time, the idea of waking up before 8 was foreign to me.

But over time, I grew to become a morning exerciser. I saw the light — it’s nice knowing whatever happens during the work day, at least I did something for myself in the morning; it frees up my nights (OK, fine, that’s probably the main reason I started working out in the morning); and it makes me a much nicer, happier person at work.

Lately, though…I’ve had such a hard time waking up in the morning for various reasons, and it’s frustrating. The only thing I can do, though, is just keep trying and not let perfect be the enemy of good. (And also not skip workouts two days in a row — that sets up a pattern I don’t like.)

last week

I’ll be honest that I still can’t bring myself to do a long run on the weekends…yup, Brooklyn is going to suck. My goal is to do 8 this weekend, though, and 10 next weekend. Who’s around? :)

Monday:  Did a little baby tempo — 1 mile warm-up, 2 mile tempo, 1 mile cool-down.

Tuesday: Row House, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite ClassPass classes. It’s usually a pretty good calorie burn AND a sweatfest.

Wednesday: Miraculously, I did a two-a-day despite having …a few cocktails…to celebrate some good news at work. Late afternoon: run with coworkers // Night: Liz’s class at Uplift because I can’t resist going to a friend’s class when I’m free

Thursday: took a rest day since I’d two-a-dayed the day before

Nike Running

Friday: Jordan and I went to Nike Run Club. The run wasn’t easy…but I <3 running with my buddy Jordan AND getting in a good run before work.

Saturday: Meg has a class at the Brooklyn Heights Equinox that she loves — Cardio Sculpt. She’s been asking me to take it with her for a while, and I had a free Saturday morning, so I headed out to BK to try it with her. GOOD GOD. So, the first twenty minutes of the class is old-school step, and this girl has two thumbs and ZERO coordination, and I wondered what I’d gotten myself into. The next 25-30 minutes segued from high-rep, low-weight strength training to slightly heavier weights by the end. We had plans to go to the Scoop sample sale after (HELLO $19 Rag & Bone jeans), and I’d asked if she was planning on going sweaty. After class, I understand why she basically just laughed at me.

Sunday: Still didn’t want to long run, swam instead

this week

Monday: rest day

Today (Tuesday):  3-mile treadmill run — I ran some hills/sprints a la Mile High to keep it interesting

Wednesday: Am on the waitlist for Uplift tomorrow morning; if I don’t get in, I’m going to commit to doing one of our Daily Burn strength workouts at home

Thursday: AM: Row House with Ashley // PM: Want to also get in a quick run

Friday: ??

Saturday: long run

Sunday: ??

Morning or night exerciser? What’s on your schedule this week? 


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The Best Dog Instagrams to Follow

I stepped away from my Junior League responsibilities a few months ago so that I could really focus on both work and being there for my mama.

Now that things have calmed/slowed down some, I’ve started going to all of the fun stuff! A few weeks ago, the Junior League was hosting a dinner on how to make your pet an Instagram star. I realize that’s among one of the most ridiculous sentences I’ve ever written, and I’ve written a lot of ridiculous things over the years.

To be honest, the talk wasn’t entirely helpful… The woman who ran it used to work for a magazine and was able to build up her account and her clients’ accounts because of her famous contacts. So…doesn’t necessarily work for the rest of us. What was helpful was her recommendation to download the app Grama. You put in a hashtag you’re going to use, and it will suggest similar/hashtags you should use.

One of my favorite simple joys is a good dog pic on Instagram, so here’s a few of my fave accounts you should follow, too, if you like cute things.

BOO! Fun fact: did you know his mom works at Facebook?

A photo posted by Cookie Wookie (@cookie_in_the) on

Oh, just a little dog in a drawer.

A photo posted by Ella Bean (@ellabeanthedog) on

This little dude is obviously my spirit animal.

A photo posted by BarkBox (@barkbox) on

Barkbox is my everything.


A photo posted by Doug The Pug (@itsdougthepug) on

I feel you, little guy.

What are your fave pet Instagrams to follow? Tell me more!

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