The Weekly SwEATS: Vacation Victory

Stand Up Paddleboarding

I’m really glad Ashley and I started our little accountability challenge in June. She was moving back to NYC from Geneva, and I just needed to get my act together.

I’ve done an awesome job tracking everything in MyFitnessPal for the past month, and I’d even lost 3 pounds before I headed on vacation. (More on that TK.)

Tracking my workouts and nutrition more closely has even led to me making other positive decisions in my life, like tracking my finances more closely…and all of these positive, healthy decisions lead to less anxiety, too.

So before I get into last week’s workouts + food, let me remind you I was in Florida on vacation with the fam. I wanted to enjoy that and eating out as best I could while still keeping my health goals in mind. I also really wanted to work out every day while there.

How did I do?



Tuesday: Tried Kore, a new HIIT studio. More on that TK soon?

Wednesday: Travel day, rest day

Thursday: Speed workout in Florida – 1 mile warm up, 6×400 at effort level 9 and 1 mile cooldown. GOOD GOD IT WAS HOT. 

Friday: 4 mile easy run. After Thursday’s sweaty speedfest, I was more than happy to tackle an easy run.

Saturday: LOLLL. If you follow me on Snapchat (theodorable211), you know how I really feel about this. It was really hot, I was trudging and couldn’t run faster than an 11:00 mile. I was miserable, and I decided it wasn’t worth it when I could run at home when it was a bit cooler. I ran about 3 miles and walked back the hotel 2. And then did stand-up paddleboarding! I last did it in Hawaii a few years ago, and I’m happy to report my balance was way better. Steering? Not so much.

Sunday: I’m REALLY happy to report I got up early, went to the hotel gym and did some lifting before our flight back Sunday morning.


Monday: Ashley and I couldn’t not take one of Hallie’s last NYC Soul classes. Even if it was at 6am after I’d just gotten back from vacay and she’d just moved back from halfway around the world. Chicago friends: make sure to take Hallie’s class once she moves there…tomorrow. 

Tuesday: I dragged my booty up to Central Park for my rescheduled 8-miler. I’m getting over a cold so my lung capacity sort of sucked, but I was happy to cross it off.


I did not cook at all since I was away most of the week, but I did my best while away to have a healthy (but filling!) breakfast and lunch so I could leave room for a bigger dinner/wine. I also know I’m a grazer – if food is in front of me, I will eat it – so I asked for things like breakfast potatoes (because meh) to be omitted so I wouldn’t be tempted.

This weekend, I’ll be in Shelter Island for the 4th with my girlfriends, and my goals are once again to stick to my workouts and eat as well as possible during the day to leave room for nighttime indulgences. I will also do my best to track as I go during the day so I know how many calories I have left in the ole’ calorie bank.

What about you? How was your week and what are your goals for the next week?

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Running Through Heat + Humidity

I’m proud to say that I ran three out of the four mornings I was in Florida.

Naples Florida

The sweat was REAL, y’all. Each morning, I tried to run by 8am, knowing that would probably still not be early enough, but that it was as early as I was ready to concede on vacation.

Thursday and Friday went great — I had a speed workout on my plan for Thursday, and while my paces were all over the map, I got the miles in. Friday, I just had 4 miles on deck, and it was fine. I found this pretty park (Delnor-Wiggins, if you’re in the Naples area) and zoned out listening to Jillian Michaels’ podcast.

Saturday…Saturday. I’d had a call on Friday with Regan, our NYJL fundraising director (of awesomeness) about fundraising strategies for the marathon, and I was so psyched for my first long run.

I got out there around 7:45…and it was hell from the first few steps. 85 degrees, 85 percent humidity, no cover from the sun. I fought and I fought and I fought for 3 miles, and I couldn’t get my pace (which should have been around a 9:30ish or faster) below an 11:00 mile.

Every single marathon training season, I’ve started out shaky and picked up steam when I realized it was do or die time. This time, I’d resolved not to do that and start out strong. I tried to pull out all my mantras and tricks and convince myself running through this would make me physically and mentally tougher, but I just wasn’t having it. I ended up walking back to the hotel another 2 miles, semi-defeated.

I wasn’t going to let it ruin my day, so I emailed Jess and told her what had happened, and that I would try again on Tuesday morning. Thankfully, it’s “only” 8 miles, so I know I can realistically do that before work.

It was frustrating, and I was frustrated with myself, but I’m going to choose to look at it as a revision, instead of a setback, and move onwards and upwards (and earlier, and earlier.) I just checked out the weather for Shelter Island this weekend, and it’ll only be a high of 80. WHEW.

Newfound respect for Florida runners!

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