Gift Guide for Last-Minute Shoppers

Live from New York…it’s me, still on my couch! I left temporarily to go to the doctor (praise be CityMD for your speed, proximity and general awesomeness) and have returned to my couch to rest up — and gargle some Magic Mouthwash? This is apparently a real thing. I asked the doctor if that was the real name when she prescribed it, and apparently, yes. My throat went from feeling like I’d swallowed a thousand swords to magically numb, so I guess it is magical.

Speaking of magic, I got a random chunk of Christmas shopping done last week on my way home from ice skating but still need to finish a bunch of it today. My plan was to brave the crowds in NYC, but my new plan is to finish my shopping from my couch, thanking the eight-pound, six-ounce baby Jesus for online shopping and Amazon Prime (which you can get a 30-day free trial of and, you know, cancel after the holidays.)

So, I bring you the Internet’s latest gift guide in the history of the Internet, for those of you who also have put off shopping until the last minute. Thankfully, there’s lots of deals out there for People Like Us.

Ashley’s been texting me from her shopping + Mexican food trip to let me know that things are 40% off at J. Crew today with code GIFTNOW and “guaranteed” (the cynic in me doesn’t really trust these guarantees, but hey) Christmas delivery if you order by midnight tomorrow.

Per my own browswing, I also noticed that everything at C. Wonder (which is so great for gifts) is 50% off.

Here’s a few different gift ideas for people on your list

Under $30

Holiday Gifts Under 30 500x470 Gift Guide for Last Minute Shoppers

Papyrus Magestic Fir Candle: Smells like a Christmas tree. Enough said.

Buddy the Elf Wine Cover: Alex got me in our team’s Secret Santa, and does she know me, or does she know me? This is amazing.

Porcelain Puppy Dish: At $38, not worth it. At $19? Totally worth it.

Earmuff Headphones: Another coworker has these, and this is such a clever idea. (I’m so late to this one, huh?)

Gifts for Fitness Fiends

Gift Guide for Fitness Lovers 500x446 Gift Guide for Last Minute Shoppers

DailyBurn PreYes, another shameless plug for work, but I’m legit obsessed with this stuff. It has completely changed my morning workouts from “ok, fine, I will do this so I can work late or have a life after work” to “omg I can’t wait to wake up and chug this caffeine.”

Garmin Forerunner 10: I’ve reviewed this before. If you’re new to running/running with a GPS watch, this one is great for its price point — it’s currently $99 on Amazon.

Feetures Socks: What runner doesn’t appreciate a pair of good socks? The wicking kind don’t come cheap, yo.

Lululemon Run Inspire Crops: These don’t come cheap, but are well worth the money if you can splurge on these for your favorite runner lady. They’re super figure-flattering AND stay in place.

Honey Stinger Chews: I’m pretty sure this is a “you know you’re a weird runner when” kinda thing: one of my buddies drew a runner in the office Secret Santa, and I said “oh! You should totally get her gels!” She looked at me like I was crazy, but I would be happy to get gel in my stocking!

Blender Bottle: How else are you going to mix your Pre/protein shakes?

OK, make me feel bad: when did you finish your shopping? And what’s on your list?

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My Year in Running: 2014

year of running 2014 My Year in Running: 2014

Hi guys! I’m currently having a wild Friday night in NYC on my couch eating some hot and sour soup and trying to get my voice back and get over a cold. Apparently drinking champagne at the work Christmas party last night was not actually a great antidote for this cold, which is really weird. So, I thought I’d do Miss Zippy’s Year of Running. This year was very different than the other years that I’ve been running. I wasn’t chasing down any PRs or new distances…and that’s ok! It was kind of a reset year for running for me, but I’m really excited to chase some big goals next year.

Year in Running 2013

Year in Running 2012

Brooklyn Half 500x500 My Year in Running: 2014

Best race experience?

Hands-down, the Brooklyn Half. I ran it with Jordan and Alex, my coworkers and two of my favorite people in the world. It was their first half, and I was so, so proud of them. They ran a killer 2:01, and Jordan recently ran her second half and SMASHED it with a 1:54. I really enjoyed assuring them that they could do this, and seeing how happy they were at the end. It also made me realize I should start actually using my RRCA coaching certification. So, if you want to run your first half or 5K (or any distance in between) or chase a PR, drop me an email if you’d like to work together! (theodora at preppy runner dot com)

amagansett 500x500 My Year in Running: 2014

Best run?

I really enjoyed my slightly hungover runs through Amagansett with Heather this summer. We didn’t worry about pace, we didn’t worry about distance, we just ran by the beach and looked at all the gorgeous houses and recapped the night before’s shenanigans.

2014 09 12 12.26.59 500x500 My Year in Running: 2014

Best new piece of gear?

New Balance printed up these awesome Glow Beacon jackets for us with our team name on them for Reach the Beach. I love the obnoxiously bright color, but moreso, I love that this jacket is a tangible reminder of the fun weekend I had.

Shalane Flanagan Heartbreak Hill Half My Year in Running: 2014

Best piece of running advice you received?

So there was that time I met Shalane Flanagan? We asked if she had any mantras or what her race strategy was, and she said she just thinks: “Execute.” She takes the emotion out of it, and just goes for it. We’re all capable of so, so much more when we let go of all the doubt that holds us back.

Most inspirational runner?

Emily. She has always inspired me for her speed, and now I’m in serious awe of her commitment to ultra running, and how she’s growing and becoming so much smarter as a runner. I want to maybe one day run a 50K, but no more than that. Not only does Emily accomplish these amazing distances, she usually wins or places, too. I really admire her dedication and talent.

Who inspires you as a runner? How was your year in running?

And thanks to everyone who entered the Alii tri gear giveaway. Sorry about the Rafflecopter issues – I’ll definitely look into it before my next giveaway. I’ve notified the winner, who’s on her way to getting a lovely vest.

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