Cute Athleisure Backpacks for Fall

Lululemon All Day Backpack

I mentioned the other day I was on the Great Backpack Hunt of 2016, and you all gave me some good suggestions — thank you! I ended up getting this Lululemon one today. I stopped into a Lulu on my way out last night and spied it…and couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I planned my run today to end right at Lulu so I could buy it! It fit all of my criteria — was a nicer material than canvas, held a laptop, change of clothes and a bottle of wine — AND was the right price ($128…I looked at some almost-$300 backpacks but ultimately didn’t want to spend that much.) I like this one a lot because it also has a DETACHABLE CROSS BODY BAG. WHAT?! Two bags in one. I wear workout clothes often at work, and I wanted a bag that would dress them up as much as possible, if that makes any sense.

My mom and I were texting as I was walking to Lululemon, and I told her I was going to buy a backpack.

“Are you going camping?”

“Do you want one of your backpacks from high school?”

“I have a backpack in the attic Grandpa brought back from Peru…”

Thanks, Mom.

Here’s the other ones I looked at/was recommended…by people other than my mom.

 Best Backpacks 2016

1. Marc Jacobs

2. Tumi (thank you for this recommendation, Kristine!)

3. Henri Bendel (Katie tweeted me about this one, and good am I in love…but not this time around.)

4. Vera Bradley (yes, really — this rec comes from Ali.) Super cute, but it looked a bit too big for me.

5. MZ Wallace (Ashley has and recommended this one, but I wasn’t going to get the same bag as her/half the city.)

6. Athleta

What about you? Any cute backpacks on your radar?

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Finding Endorphins in an Unlikely Place: New Balance Girls Night Out

Hello, my name is Theodora.


I like running.

I like group fitness.

I like cocktails.

I like summer and the pool and the beach.

I like dancing…when it is combined with the summer and the beach and cocktails late at night.

Dance as fitness?!


If I’m being perfectly honest, it’s because I know I have less than zero rhythm, and I’m embarrassed and feel very inhibited — which is the opposite of what you’re supposed to be, but I’m an uptight bitch.

But I somehow have gone to TWO dance classes this week — one, I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into at an event and ended up Zumba-ing…still not my jam.

Tonight, though! My lovely New Balance people invited me to their Girls Night Out event. The purpose of these nights is to give women a free, fun way to bond over fitness instead of cocktails. (Or, hey, cocktails after…) The instructor tonight was Krystal, one of our Daily Burn trainers. It’s super important to me to support/stalk our DB fam, so I couldn’t say no!

And then I realized it was a dance workout…well, I wasn’t going to back out. So I brought my coworker Mallory with me, and we ran into Ashley and Heather there.

Girls Night Out

We met at the NB store on the UES and somehow fell behind everyone else chatting. By the time we walked in, the class had started and the only spots left were in the front. Let me remind you again — I do not like to dance and am not good at it.

But I had no choice but to get the hell over myself and dance my butt off in this cute outfit NB sent us. ( Top / jacket / bra / leggings / shoes) A quick note on the outfit: I loved the jacket, leggings and shoes (the Zante shoes are part of my regular rotation. I was not a Fresh Foam believer when it launched, but they’ve really improved on it, and it’s a great balance of responsive yet supportive now.) The bra…it was OK for dance (except when she had us do mountain climbers, but most bras can’t handle mountain climbers for me, to be fair), but it wouldn’t work for anything higher impact for me. The shirt was super cute…on others, but long and tight does my body no favors. 

Back to the dancing! I was happy to have Heather next to me, Ashley behind me, Mallory a few spots over, and know the lady behind the microphone. The first song or two were, um, interesting…and then I decided to just let go. If I was going to be the awkward girl in the front, I was going to be the awkward bad dancer, not the awkward, stiff girl in the front. So I shut up and danced. And it was actually pretty awesome, and I walked out with an entirely different type of endorphin high.

Two completely unrelated questions:

1. Team dance or no?

2. I’m starting to have some tightness in my left shoulder/neck which I know is entirely related to carrying a heavy tote every day. I’m thinking of joining Team Backpack. I wear workout clothes often to work (yes, dream job), so I want something more athleisure than sporty, if that makes sense — something that can dress up my workout clothes a bit and fit a laptop, workout clothes and bottle of wine. Any suggestions? No Herschel! (Just not for me.)

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