RunnerBox Giveaway!

You’re probably familiar with Birchbox ( < affiliate link). It’s a monthly subscription to try out beauty products, and it’s awesome.

The business model has been replicated in a gazillion different spaces. Most importantly to this blog, though, there’s now a box for runners!


At the D.C. Half expo, I was being a good friend and walking around with Emily to make sure she saw all the expo goodness. I was already familiar with most of the products there, but then I stumbled upon the Runnerbox booth.

From their site:
RunnerBox is a subscription based box for runners, triathletes and other active people. It’s a mini shoebox filled with running products, mailed to your front door. It has everything from energy products, gels, chews, protein shakes/supplements, nutrition bars, skincare, to safety products and other fun accessories! Some products will be brand new (but personally tested) on the market, and some will be tried and true favorites. With so many products coming out on the market, leave the trials and testing to us, we’ll search out the best and send them to you!

They have three different boxes: a subscription for runners, a subscription for triathletes, and a larger giftbox. The monthly subscription is $10, and the one-time boxes and bimonthly subscriptions are $20.
I thought it was a really cool idea, and told the founder, Staci, I’d love to try a box. She hooked me up with a bimonthly box, and it was packed with stuff!

Maybe I should have done a RunnerBox haul video.
There was a TON of stuff in here, but what I’m most excited to try is the sport beans and the Honey Stinger chews. I also think the throwaway gloves are a cute touch.
A sampling of some of my products:
CocoaVia Cocoa Extract Supplement, Emergen-C Joint Health, Mila Miracle Seed.

Perfect for pre-race jazz-handing, no?
Staci also hooked me up with a box for one lucky winner.
To enter: leave a comment below telling me what running product you’ve always wanted to try or what new running product you’re excited for. Or the craziest running product you’ve ever heard of! I will draw a winner on 4/1!
Disclosure: I was provided with a free box for review.

163 comments on “RunnerBox Giveaway!

  1. Traci G

    I would love to try it all! I am a running newbie and I like to try new products to see what works for me!

  2. Emily

    I’ve always wanted to try using a Garmin. I’ve been using the Runkeeper app, but there must be something to all this Garmin obsession…

  3. Elizabeth

    Ive never tried those honey stinger things, I’m concerned they will pull a chew and get really hard in the cold weather (twss?) I would really love to try that crazy tape that you put on your knees/shins and it solves all of your problems…

  4. Katie G

    Do they deliver Runnerboxes to the UK? If they do I would love to try any type of gels… I’ve never done any fueling and definitely needed it for my last half/will need it for my next half!

  5. tara

    I’ve actually run a few halfs and full marathons but never tried a gel – I’ve always had candy or chomps….I’d finally like to try them!

  6. Chelsea P

    I’m pretty excited about the Flipbelt I just received in the mail! Used in once, and I’m already loving it more than the other options I’ve tried!

    I’d also like to try more fueling options – nuun, Honey Stingers, etc. I’ve been a Gu girl for all of my long runs, and it’d be nice to try something new!

  7. Katie

    I’d love to try out chews/gels. I am planning on running my first half in September, so I’ll have to start fueling longer runs.

  8. Alyssa

    I would love a RunnersBox. I already have BirchBox and I treat my dog with a BarkBox as well. The runner’s box would hopefully be for both of us as my pup and I can run together! I’m not an adventurous runner when it comes to products so this box would hopefully introduce me to some new products without the fear of dislike or commitment!
    Alyssa recently posted..Thoughts

  9. Barbara

    I love honey stinger chews and bars! And sports beans too. Ive wanted to try chia seed based products for a while, amd ive never heard of cocoavia, but if its chocolate, id want to try it!

  10. Hart

    I’ve religiously worn asics cumulus but just purchased the mizuno wave creation…excited to run in these new pups…in hot pink too!

  11. Becca

    I’ve been really wanting to get my hands on a flip belt…need more room to carry my gear on runs when it gets warm enough to not wear a jacket with pockets.

  12. Rachel C.

    I’ve had other honey stinger products before but not any of the gels so I’d like to try those to see how they compare to GU. and I still haven’t tried nuun yet

  13. Katie

    I would live access to new products! I am training for my first full marathon-yikes!- and am always looking for the next training aide!

  14. Mary Frances

    We love Honey Stinger chews at my house! What I would like to try are compression socks although I think they would drive me crazy!

  15. Megan

    I have never tried any kind of gels/chews – I am running my second half this spring and my first full marathon this fall, so I need to start trying some of those things out!

  16. Janet

    That is super cool!!! There are so many runner things I’d like to try, if I had to pick one I would pick those headbands that make it so your hair doesn’t fly all over the place (I have super long thick hair)!!!!

  17. Megan

    I really want to try a flip belt. My spi belt has been bouncing around more than I like lately, so want to see if there’s something else that’s a bit more stationary when my phone, keys, etc are in it.

  18. Samantha B

    I love Gu vanilla bean flavor for long runs, foam rollers, handheld Nathan water bottle, and Kind bars for post run. I love trying out new products, though! I dig the idea of a monthly treat to look forward to in the mail 🙂

  19. Gila Hoffman

    After trying every flavor of nuun at the DC expo I’ve finally decided that I like it! Can’t wait to test it out during my next long run.

  20. Danielle

    I’ve always wanted to try honey stingers because I think they’ll be easy on my stomach. I’ve never tried fueling mid-run even for double-digit runs because I’m scared of stomach issues. I’m hoping to run a marathon in the next year so that will have to change. I’m sure I’ll need to try a bunch of these different products before I find my favorite.

  21. Cara Baraldi

    I am very interested in the honey stinger chews.. I sometimes have a hard time with chews during a race because I that the require more work than gels but I have heard rave reviews about the honey stingers!

  22. MB

    I’d love to try some of the fueling products like chews…I’m still a newbie and haven’t gotten to the point where I need fuel during a run, but I hope to be there someday!

  23. Brooke

    I don’t really refuel during long runs, so I would love to try some goo or those sport beans, since I have heard people rave about them!

  24. Charliss

    This looks awesome! I heard about it through a friend, but hadn’t yet seen the goodies you can get with it. I’d love to try it all, but the different fuels seem particularly useful. I’d love to try honey stingers.

  25. Anne

    I would like to find some waterproof gear (or gear covers) to try, since it’s about to get super rainy where I live.

  26. Kristy

    I’ve never tried gels or chews on a long run. I know that I should be fueling on long runs but I’m scared to try those things. If I got one in a runner box, it would force me to try it.

  27. Kylee

    I’ve run quite a few halfs and other distances but never tried any type of gel. I would love to try any of that!

  28. Cait

    What a cool idea! I’d like to give the beans a try, I loved them during the MCM, but I think I was just on such a high that race that I loved everything. I’d love to give them a second test run! <- pun intended.

    1. Theodora Post author

      ha! Did you try the munchkins, too? 🙂 I was really excited for them…and then really nauseous. Oops.

  29. Sarah S

    I would love to try compression socks or sleeves and more gels and running fuel. I’ve only ever tried Gu and anything else seems overwhelming, so I keep buying the same thing!

  30. Colette

    I would love to try either chomps or something from honey stinger. I’m training for my first(!) half marathon this fall and am just starting to try out differing fuel types!

  31. Joy

    I just bought actual running socks – I’m dying to try them (I’m hoping they will explain my feet bleeding in my last two races with 2 different pairs if sneakers!) and now that I’ve seen there is such a thing I want to try emergence c joint health. Will look Monday for it

  32. Kimra

    I’ve always wanted to try KT tape/rocktape. I might have just bought some at a pharmacy in Japan (where it apparently was invented and therefore is cheap), but it might also just be giant band-aids. Hard to tell from the box!
    Kimra recently posted..Dumb Adventures Abroad: Japan

  33. Abby Weiss

    I’d like to try some of the compression gear and those arm gloves (don’t know if that’s what they’re really called)

  34. Elisha G.

    I actually never tried Gu or anything like that. I want to, but the consistency seems weird and throws me off.

  35. Madeline

    I’m all about compression socks, but I’ve never worn any other compression gear. Maybe next winter I’ll spring for some compression tights!

  36. abby r

    this might seem really silly but i would love to try protein powder. i would love a protein rich smoothie either pre or post workout! i just cannot commit to a huge tub of protein powder.

    1. Theodora Post author

      oh, same! I have never spent more than $10 on a thing of protein powder. I usually only do Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods protein, as they’re usually pretty reasonably priced.

  37. Leslie

    Would love to try energy gels….never have tried them. I would also love to try running with a belt that holds water. Love your blog!


  38. Jessica S.

    I need to be better about trying new nutrition products and finding out what works for me. I’m horrible about trying new things while doing long runs and prepping for the race.

  39. Ellie

    I’ve always wanted to try those short shorts, like the spandex ones, because they look comfortable, but I’m a little worried about over-exposure, so I’ve never bought them.

    1. Theodora Post author

      I bought a pair once…and they didn’t really work out for me. But I need to try again 🙂

  40. Kelly O-ski

    Everyone always raves about Hammer Gels, but I have yet to try one! Or Nuun. I need to get on that :).

  41. Janet

    I would love to try the gels. I use chews but training for 1st full marathon and would like to try other options.

  42. Laura

    I want to try running with a metronome. I’m trying to switch to minimalist shoes, and I need to shorten my stride and increase my cadence. The Runnerbox sounds like fun!

  43. Michelle B

    I have been thinking about trying a running belt, but still searching for the right, low profile one. Also would like to try out a heart rate monitor someday.
    Thanks did the giveaway 🙂

  44. Whitney

    This seems like an awesome way to keep abreast of new nutrition products on the market. Awesome giveaway!

  45. Adrienna

    The Emergen-C Joint Health is pretty interesting. Looks like a cool giveaway. I’m also dying to try out the new caffeinated Nuuns – can’t believe my running store doesn’t have them yet.
    Adrienna recently posted..Spring TRAINing Run

  46. Emma

    I would love to try GUs. I’m training for a half but I’m only up to 6miles so I know i’ll start to need them eventually. I heard they taste like candy!

  47. TIna

    Would love to try compression socks. Think they might help the planters I have been plagued with for a year!

  48. Laura

    I’d like to try a running skirt. I find that a lot of shorts ride up while running so I often wear capris or pants, but it would be nice to have a skirt for running in warmer weather.

  49. Maggie

    I have always wanted to try those laces you don’t have to untie/retie; would make it so much easier to get my shoes tied right the first time (something that almost never happens.)

  50. katie

    don’t know if it’s too late but i’d love to try compression socks! as a runner and blog reader, i know how much people swear by them but i’ve still yet to try a pair!

  51. Meghan C.

    I’ve always wanted to try CocoaVia. Another blogger I follow puts it in all sorts of healthy dessert and coffee creations and it looks amazing!

  52. Vicki S

    Always wanted to try running with those compression tights. They say they make you feel lighter and helps with circulation.

  53. Megan

    I’m just coming back from an injury and would love to try some new things to shake up my running! I’m dreaming of a Garmin but some new nutritional/fuel products could be fun to try!

  54. Katie

    This looks incredible. I am newer to running (first marathon in six days 😵) and will definitely be signing up for this!

    1. Katie

      @Katie: oops I missed the instructions. I have heard great things about the honey stinger products and would love to try them. I’d also like to give yurbuds a shot since the apple headphones are awful but I still use them for some crazy reason.

  55. rachel

    I’d love to try minimalist shoes while running. I’m currently training for my 2nd half marathon and would love a new shoe to switch up during my training runs!

  56. Shayla

    Compression socks – happy hours always take those $$ I have earmarked for running gear outside of shoes.


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