Calcium and milk: What’s best for your bones?

Link: Calcium and milk: What’s best for your bones?

I post this after a discussion I had with a friend* this morning on whether it was really a good idea to cut out dairy. I said that I could still get calcium from veggies, she said not as much.

First note: I am only severely cutting back on grains/dairy until I lose all this weight. Afterwards, I will re-introduce it in moderation.

Second: Anything on this blog that is not attributed to someone else (I plan on adding interviews and actual, reported stories in the near future) is what I’ve been told/what’s working for me.

* – In the future, unless you tell me otherwise (in the comments or however else we communicate), any conversations with my friends on nutrition/fitness are fair game for this blog. However, I will only refer to you by first name. Unless there’s something else you’d rather we do, and that’s okay too!

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