Facebook’s Snack Room (they have one on each floor).

Randi says she’s “desensitized” to it, but I literally stood there with my mouth agape for ten minutes.  Okay, two minutes, but it felt like ten.  And I think I gained weight through osmosis.  And the two five mini peppermint patties I scarfed while we checked out the goods.

This represents the worst possible dieting situation for someone with my (lack of) willpower. I would be 800 pounds.  I literally don’t think I could ever spend more than two hours in a place with access to a room like this.

Does anyone else have free, 24-7 snacks in their office?  How do you handle it, if so?

Dear fellow weight loss bloggers — be glad you don’t work at Facebook!

Also, Facebook, why ya gotta be so unhealthy? Beef jerky? Campbell’s soup? I see a few oranges but that’s about it!

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