On Planning

I suck at it. No photo of my breakfast, because it’s the Starbucks wrap AGAIN. It’s pretty healthy, but there’s no reason for me to be getting it almost every day when I can be making my own breakfast much cheaper and healthier. It’s definitely still an improvement from the buttered roll (mm!) that I used to get for breakfast on days I was running late. And I can’t even begin to remember what I had for breakfast in DC, but it couldn’t have been very healthy. 

What makes weight loss the easiest is having a plan. I have a general plan (to lose weight by eating more frequently and eating more fruits and veggies and less grains/dairy and by kicking my ass at the gym), but I’m a fairly laid-back person that likes to see where the day takes me sometimes. 

In the past, that meant I’d plan to go to the gym but if someone asked me to go for drinks, I’d do that because it sounded more fun. Now, I will choose going to the gym, but I’ll intend on going in the morning, oversleep, and go after work. I’ll intend on making a healthy lunch, be running late and end up buying the healthy lunch. These are definitely more healthy problems to have, but there’s still a sense of chaos in my day (though, I’m not going to lie — as a reporter, I kind of thrive on a certain amount of chaos).

Starting tomorrow (I swear), I’m going to go to the gym before work and plan out my meals for the week. 

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