So, sorry for the light posting the past few days, but life has gotten in the way.

For example, yesterday my mom came into town and we walked around the West Village all afternoon and then went out to dinner at a cute place called Coppola’s. The previous post was my leftovers from there — a nice lemony chicken. Today for breakfast, we went to a place called William’s (I’m not posting the link so as not to drive traffic to their site, but if you’re in the Financial District, I’d say to avoid it!) for breakfast, where I had a nasty omelette.

After eating the leftovers, I went for a run with my dog across the Brooklyn Bridge and back and then trekked to Hoboken for this yummy dinner above – veggie chili, asparagus and shrimp. I’m actually still kind of craving the shrimp! I got some of the leg tightness from the jog out by walking to my friend Jen’s apt from the Path – about a mile each way. I’d say between my jog, and walking to and from the Path, I covered at least 5-6 miles by foot today! (Hopefully making up for the wine and pizza the other night!)

P.S. The wine glass you see in this picture actually has San Pellegrino and fruit in it. A low-calorie non-alcoholic sangria! (My trainer said I could drink as much as I want in Aruba.)

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