NYC is an amazing city to live in and even diet in! When I first moved
here, I took advantage of the great restaurants, the 24-hour
neighborhood grocery stores and—my favorite—SeamlessWeb.

For those not in the know, seamlessweb.com is a Web site where you can
order food to be delivered without ever speaking to the kindly souls
answering the phone that don’t have a damn clue what you’re saying. It
shows you what restaurants are available at the time you’re placing
your order, and it even stores your credit card.

Needless to say, the Thai and Italian places were excited to have me
move in. But even now that I’m eating healthy, SeamlessWeb is still my
friend. I can order from Energy Kitchen, a healthy place with lots of
lean protein and veggies, or from the sushi place if I go easy (or
brown) on the rice. There’s also Pump, where I went yesterday, which
is also amazing

You’re thinking, okay, I can handle myself at home, but what about
when I go out?

Tonight I have a Junior League meeting at someone’s apartment, so I
plan on grabbing a bite first so that I’m not tempted to eat the pizza
that I know she’ll order.

What if you’re going out a restaurant? I guarantee almost anywhere has a
salad or some kind of protein you can get. If not, make a concious
effort to eat as small a portion as possible and have something
healthier when you get home. I’m sure you know this, but try to get
any and all sauces on the side.

How do you resist temptation? Drop me an e-mail at theodora dot blanchfield at gmail dot com or let me know in the comments!

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