Today is a rockstar kinda day

I e-mailed my mom and told her I pretty much feel like there’s nothing I can’t do right now. This morning I jumped on the scale and it said 171, which is 18 pounds down from where I started!

In addition, as posted yesterday, lots of old clothes are brand-new again. As in they fit. As in a pair of adorable J. Crew bermuda shorts (green with navy tennis racquets – I am ridiculously preppy) now fit. The navy polo I tried pairing with them is also huge. Which means I can now wear a medium (!) in Polo’s relaxed fit and a large slim fit would probably fit about perfectly. (I’m pretty busty, so this is huge!)

I went to see an amazing nutritionist this morning — and I’m not just saying that because I know she is reading. She recommended that I add back in some whole grains, dairy, etc, and also made suggestions like soynut butter and flaxseed. She also recommended for said soynut butter and soynut trail mix.

That the nutritionist recommended something opposite of what my trainer recommended is a bit difficult to reconcile, but I will use common sense, monitor things and see how I do. I think what the nutritionist recommended is a better long-term strategy, but what the trainer recommended will help me lose the weight I want by MB’s wedding in August.

Between my new dietary recommendations, the additional lost weight and the old clothes fitting again, I’m basically on Cloud 9 right now. It’s not a bad place to be. I might add it’s ridiculously sunny in NYC right now.

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