Exercise: I ran on the beach Saturday and Sunday. Tamsin ran with me Sunday and we also did some squats and lunges under a dock. Not too shabby 🙂 Friday and Monday were driving days, so I didn’t make it to the gym or to do any cardio. Yesterday I was in my car from 8:30 am to 10 pm, save for a two-hour lunch stop at a lovely country club in Richmond, Va. This week, I totally plan on doubling up on workouts Wednesday to Friday (to also make up for skipping on last Tuesday.)

Food: We ate relatively well on vacay. Dinner was burgers and hot dogs on Saturday night with some beans, etc. and Sunday night was kabobs. I had a few so I could maximize my veggies. Lunch was sandwiches on the highest-grain bread I could find (my friend Annie’s husband, Frank, totally swooned over my high-grain/fiber preclivities.) Breakfast on Saturday was a Dunkin’ Donuts flatbread; Sunday was bacon, eggs and one pancake. (The indulgence was probably not necessary with the amount of beer consumed, but SO WORTH IT.)

Beer: Um, a lot. (Note the doubling up on workouts this week.)

Bikini: I am totally not bikini-ready. However, I will be by Aruba! So, I decided to just go for it on Sunday. I was with a few good friends, and the beach we were on was pretty private, so I decided there was nobody to impress and bit the bullet. My friends were totally sweet, saying stuff like “Look at that bikini bod!” once I took my cover-up off. It felt good having friends I hadn’t seen in a while tell me I looked good, even if some of it was just to be nice 🙂 Anyway, every day is a new day, so today I go back to eating totally healthily. I started today off with a Luna bar and an iced coffee and am planning on salad for lunch so I can get back on track with an extra bounce in my step from an awesome weekend!

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