Misson: 2.5 hours of cardio by tomorrow night

I was honest with my trainer and told him that I didn’t do cardio on Monday and last Friday while I was driving, so he told me to kick things up a notch.

2.5 hours of cardio before I see him Saturday morning. I overslept for it this morning, so 1 hour and 15 min tonight, and hopefully 45 min tomorrow am and 45 min tomorrow evening.

Aruba is in just over two months, so it’s time for me to really kick my own ass while my motivation is still high. Limiting the alcohol and kicking up the cardio! I still have another 25 pounds I’d like to lose by August (HAHA, I KNOW), which may be possible. It’s another 8 weeks, so about 3 pounds a week, which seriously isn’t all that crazy. More realistic is another 15, I think.


I am on the Biggest Loser as the sole contestant and I WILL NOT GET KICKED OFF.

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