Spreading oneself thin

…is what I feel like I’ve been doing lately, so I’m sorry this blog has been neglected a bit. Between Junior League, work, looking for a new apt, trying to have a social life and trying to relax, I feel like I’ve been pulling myself in a gazillion different directions. I’ve also caught myself eating and drinking a bit more lately than I would like. I am going on a mini-vacay this weekend to the Outer Banks, and I’m going to run or otherwise excersise every day while there and keep up my healthy eating habits…while having a few beers 🙂

Somehow my lunch yesterday didn’t post, but it was two sushi rolls (brown rice, tuna and avocado and salmon) and salad. Snack: smoothie with protein powder.

Dinner? Um, it may or may not have been 4 glasses of wine.

Today’s breakfast: Starbucks spinach/feta wrap, banana, large iced coffee (please refer back to the 4 glasses of wine…)

I’m also either a workout behind, or yesterday was my rest day. I haven’t decided yet.


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