Take this with a Grain of Salt (or Mrs. Dash if you’re watching your sodium)


I received an email last night from a fellow tumblr which warmed my heart, but it had a little sentence in it I wanted to post about, “Congrats on losing as much weight as you have, you make it look easy.”

I wanted to take a quick second to let her know (and you, if you think that), that it’s not easy. Not easy at all. It’s actually incredibly hard and everyday I wake up and put a lot of effort into eating right and fighting the urge to just sit on the couch and drink my sorrows away.  

I’m approaching the 30 pound mark soon (that’s right! I saw 162 on the scale this morning!) so I thought I’d pass on the things I’ve learnt thus far…

  1. You have to exercise more than you think.
  2. A half-hour walk doesn’t equal a brownie.
  3. You have time to exercise.
  4. Eating more of something won’t help you lose weight.
  5. Your body is working against you.
  6. Life is also working against you.
  7. You are the only person who can lose the weight.
  8. It’s really hard, every day you have to put effort in. Every day.
  9. This is not a diet; this is your life.

I’m by no means an expert and still have a long way to go (~40 pounds), but once I realized the above list, committing to my myself became a lot easier.

Reblogged from ThePinkCookie cause she’s awesome. And this is all so true. More to come on this this weekend/soon.

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