28-9 pounds!!!

I got on the scale this morning before going to the trainer and knew he’d like what he saw. Sure enough, I got a huge high five. (Since starting with him, I have become way high-five happy. I’m okay with that.) 

After I got home this morning, I weighed myself again, and my scale said 160, or 29 pounds less than when I started!!!!!!! 

I had a family reunion this weekend, and my cousin and aunt (Hi Karen and Lee!) who hadn’t seen me since this time last year both gave me a gazillion compliments on how I looked and my willpower. Not gonna lie, it felt pretty good. I am absolutely loving all this positive attention. 🙂 Yesterday, my mom and I had a big talk (after lots of shopping, and over the salmon I posted last night) about how awesome I am and how much weight I’ve lost. I pulled out my wallet and we were looking at my license pictures and work ID. I seriously look like a different person. Not only did I have bangs last year, (not my finest hour), but my face looks like a chunky monkey. Not anymore!!!! 

So clearly y’all know what I had for breakfast this morning to celebrate. 😉

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