Egg and cheese on a bagel at Einstein Bros Bagels during my layover in Houston. I only ate half (the half that’s missing – haha) because there are probably about 9200 calories. I really wish more places would do half portions.

I’m traveling by myself and not quite ballsy enough to ask a random person to take a photo, but my outfit makes me really happy. I’m wearing Citizen jeans that I remember having to do “the dance” to get into on my 24th birthday twoish years ago. I had to put on a belt, and close it pretty tightly, to keep my pants on this am! I like designer jeans so I absolutely refuse to spend a bunch of money on new jeans until I’m done losing weight.

However! I tried on a pair of True Religion jeans last week and could almost get into a 29! Yay!

I’m wearing a Vineyard Vines seersucker oxford with said jeans. Let’s just say I was a little too busty a few months ago to rock oxfords. Not any more. As a very preptastic lady, you have no idea how big this is to me!!!

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