Nutritionista Trick of the Trade: Add Spinach to Microwave Meals

Amy’s Country Cheddar Bowl is lunch today, but based on prior experience with the Bowl, I know the veggies are few and far between. That doesn’t mean it’s not my favorite Amy’s meal (it pretty much is), it just means it needs a little homespun help in the vegetable department. That’s why I brought a baggie full of baby spinach to add to my Amy’s as it’s cooking.

Baby spinach leaves are an easy, healthy addition to any frozen or microwave meal. If you add them about halfway through the cooking process, they’ll steam down into easily blendable leaves. You can add a whole cup or two without even really noticing a big difference! It’s a very easy way to sneak more vegetables in when you’re already eating on the go.

Jen and I were just talking about this yesterday!

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