Secrets to my success: Ziploc baggies

A while back, reader/online buddy Campbell asked me what some of my secrets to my success were. I realized this morning Ziploc baggies (or any other type of baggies) are a huge secret to my success.

Why? It helps with portion control. In the morning, I portion my snacks out and bring them to work. An old roommate of mine used to portion things out right after she bought them. (I’m not that good!)

I just now resorted to my afternoon snack from the vending machine. (I know, I know. Tempted by all kinds of sugary, chocolate-y things, I temporarily pondered how bad it would really be to get Pop-Tarts or something else nice and sugary.) I settled on Wheat Thins. The bag I got was 230 calories, and I know this isn’t an ideal snack (not so much the actual calories, just that they’re somewhat empty and my snack is lacking protein and some good fat.) I immediately put half the portion in a Ziploc baggie for a day when I might have some cheese or something else to have with them.

The pisser? I bought a bunch of Luna and other bars this weekend and was POSITIVE I put one in my bag this morning.

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