The power of a compliment

This morning I was feeling a bit down on myself for no good reason. I looked in the mirror and nothing looked right. My logical mind knew I had lost 30 pounds (forgot to update y’all on that! It’s officially 30!!!) but the emotional side of me was saying “yeah, but you could definitely stand to lose some more! you still look fat!”

My little trick to shut up that devil on my shoulder is to get as dolled up as I can. (Within reason! I didn’t wear a cocktail dress to work!) I put on a cute little wrap dress I was inspired to buy a few years ago when working with the always-fabulous-in-every-way-Morgan. I still felt a little meh, but I told myself I looked good and went to work anyway. Walking to work, it dawned on me that I weigh at least 15 pounds less than I did the last time I wore this dress, and I decided I looked okay. Two women at work complimented me and said I looked like I’d lost weight and my day turned around!

I’m definitely still struggling with self-image issues at times, but I’ve come leaps and bounds from where I was a few months ago. (Obviously, I look pretty different!)

At the beach a few weekends ago, I hemmed and hawed about hopping into a bathing suit (bikini, ah!) in front of a bunch of skinny girls. MB assured me that I was a skinny girl too and to “stop being a fat girl in a thin[ner] girl’s body!”

She’s right. I’m not the fat girl I used to be, and I need to push away those thoughts when they pop into my head occasionally. So do you! I read a tip in Women’s Health that I liked: visualize your negative thoughts floating down a conveyor belt. I also like to imagine I’m hitting them away like a tennis volley. 

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