Week in food: fail

I have an appointment with the lovely nutritionist coming up, and so I was looking back at everything I ate in the past week. YUCK! Fail! I need to stop getting derailed by going out to eat with friends. I can make healthy choices, and I usually do, but I think I started getting a little cocky. As in, I’m not fat any more, I don’t have to eat quite as well now.

LIE! There is still more work to be done. And so I am seriously committing to documenting every.single.thing.I.put.in.my.body. (Food, for those of y’all with a dirty mind.) Here’s what I have had in the past week:

 [The addiction to certain things: Pump, spinach feta wraps becomes very obvious looking at this. My goal for this week is to not have either until Friday.] I’m also thinking of using some Web site to track all of this. Do y’all have ideas? Preferably something I can access both via Web and iPhone.

Monday June 15

Breakfast: spinach/tomato/egg feta wrap from Starbucks, grande coffee, banana

Morning Snack: 5 Wheat Thins + 1 BabyBel Light

Sunday June 14

Morning snack: Triscuits and guacamole

“Breakfast”: 1 Luna Bar

Lunch: Subway turkey sandwich on wheat with provolone, lettuce, tomato and honey mustard

Afternoon snack: McD’s vanilla ice cream cone (150 calories)

Dinner: salmon, veggies and brown rice + 1 glass of wine

Saturday June 13:

Breakfast: DD turkey sausage flatbread

Snack: Luna Bar

Lunch: 2 hot dogs, ½ bun

Afternoon snack: Triscuits + guac

Dinner: One hamburger + potato bun

A bunch of vodka sodas

Late-night: grapes + brie

Friday June 12

Breakfast: coffee, oatmeal

Lunch: Pret a Manger chicken/balsamic/avocado sandwich on whole grain, fruit cup

Afternoon snack: smoothie

Dinner: Pump bowl: rice, guac, bison balls, tomatoes, sweet potato

Thursday June 11

Breakfast: coffee, turkey sausage/egg on whole wheat English muffin

Lunch: Pump bison balls, salad/rice, cheese, peppers, onions, broccoli

Dinner: scallops, peppers, sweet potato, broccoli

Dessert: McD’s ice cream cone

Wednesday June 10:

Breakfast: feta wrap?

Lunch: low-carb wrap with chicken, lettuce, peppers, guacamole

Snack: SoyJoy bar

Dinner: salmon, sweet potato, broccoli

Tuesday June 9:

Breakfast: feta wrap…

Lunch: salad with chicken, chickpeas, edamame, carrots and balsamic vinagrette dressing

Snack: Luna bar

Dinner: Lobster roll, a few drinks…

Monday June 8

Breakfast: Kashi Go Lean
Lunch: Pump salad/rice, bison, sweet potato, guac, sweet red, spinach, peppers

Dinner: 2 beers +  1 hot dog

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