At my early morning training session today, Joel asked me about this here spinach feta wrap and just what it contained. The spinach and feta were okay with him, the egg was okay with him, but as you can guess, the whole-wheat tortilla, not so much.

He also showed me the numbers and I only lost 3-4 pounds in the month of June. I personally attribute this to a few things.

1. A ton of social obligations where I definitely made good decisions and better decisions than I would have made a few months ago, but had I been eating at home, would have eaten way better.

2. I think I’m getting fairly close to where my body naturally wants to chill, so it’s trying to hang on to these last pounds.

So…I think he realized that trying to talk me out of the wrap was a losing proposition. Instead, he suggested ripping off the ends where it was just wrap and no spinach/feta/egg. Fair enough. After all, even though I think he is a ginormous pain in the ass sometimes and too strict, at the end of the day, it is for my own good. And I do want to look good in Aruba…23 days from now! I know I keep saying this, but it’s on for reals.

My cardio homework for this week is an hour of the Stairmaster every day. I pretty much want to kill myself thinking about this, but he thinks we can blast 2-3 pounds off this week doing that. Since I’ve already worked out today and am playing tennis tonight, that means tomorrow.

Any music recommendations? I’m going to need a SLAMMIN’ playlist to get through this…

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