Doing the right thing vs. having fun

Right now, I’m doing the former. I want to be doing the latter. Granted, I’m having some nice mellow time with my friend Bailey here right now, but being in your 20s is NOT about snuggling with your dog.

I have my second-to-last training session before Aruba tomorrow as well as a bikini wax in the morning. AAAAAND…when I get out of my training session, CASSIE WILL BE HERE! So it’s fine that I’m not going out, but post-Aruba, I want to find a better way of balancing fun and being healthy. I can’t completely give up drinking (sorry Joel) nor do I have a desire to. Cut back drastically from immediately post-college/pre-NYC? Sure. Stop drinking completely? Nope. I like wine, a lot. I know it’s not the best for me, but in moderation, I’m okay with it. But lifting a gazillion pounds while hungover or even after I’ve had a glass or two of wine definitely sucks.


Besides, I have all next week to sit on the beach with cocktails!

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