I am online bikini-shopping.


Before February, any online bikini shopping would have been purely aspirational. Now, I’ve still got a few pounds I want to lose and there will be ladies lookin’ better than me on the beach, but I won’t be looking too shabby myself, I’m thinkin’. For the past few years, I’ve generally stuck to tankinis but snuck in a few bikinis (mostly a pink Ralph Lauren one) in between, convincing myself I stuck out less being the fat chick in the bathing suit most similar to what everyone else was wearing rather than wearing what looked good on me.

So anyway. Bikinis are not something I’m totally familiar with/ready for. I’m still fairly busty, and I still have a little chub around the middle. But I worked hard, and I am rocking a bikini in Aruba. Stay tuned for me to share bikini pics. Maybe I will crowd-source this 🙂 Y’all vote and I pick the most popular one!

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