In the market for a new hair stylist?


I’ve received a few questions asking where I got my hair done, so for those of you who are interested, I went to Shape.  Since it’s a Paul Mitchell salon, I used to get a PR discount (Paul Mitchell is a former client), but decided to try another salon recently and was distraught after the experience.

My stylist at Shape, Lanna, actually listens to what I want instead of giving me her vision and the results are always gorgeous, natural, vibrant highlights.  I’m really picky when it comes to my specific blonde, and she gets it right every time.  Honestly, I’m not sure why I even bothered trying somewhere else.  Also, Lanna’s bubbly personality and funny stories keep me very entertained throughout the three hour ordeal.

The wash room where you get shampooed is one of my favorites things at Shape.  The lights are dimmed, the music is really soothing, and the scalp massages are  so relaxing.

If you’re in the market for a new stylist, I HIGHLY recommend going to see Lanna at Shape (tell her CaseyCulture sent you!).  It’s a great atmosphere with very friendly staff and the price is very decent, especially by NY standards.  Plus, the gratis wine makes the experience even better!

This post is 100% not weight-loss related, but I swear sometimes I think about things other than food and working out!

When I moved to NYC last year, one thing I knew I’d miss like no other in DC was my amazing hairstylist/friend/therapist Rachel. Actually, Rachel technically isn’t even in DC any more. I started going to her at PR + Partners in Friendship Heights more than five years ago and she moved to Charlottesville, Va. two years ago, where I occassionally drove to from DC to get my hair done. Upon moving to NYC last year, I was very distraught that Charlottesville was a really long drive from NYC. (But I still have made the drive twice since then and met her in DC once or twice to have my hair done.) In between, I tried both the uptown and downtown Bumble + Bumble, but I wasn’t wowed. My roots are awful right now (hence not many pictures of me recently) and I won’t be able to get down to DC/Charlottesville before Aruba, so, alas, I must cheat on Rachel. [INSERT BIG SAD FACE HERE.]

I’ve never met Casey, but we both went to American and now live in NYC and I like her blog, so I’m taking her recommendation and trying out Shape today. I’m honestly pretty nervous!

If you’re in the Charlottesville area and in the market for an AMAZING stylist/new friend, please please please go to Rachel at Salon Cielo and tell her Theodora sent you!

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