On meeting goals

Or, um, procrastinating packing.

So tonight I had my last training session before Aruba. (Not my last training session.) Wow.

159 days ago (13,737,600 seconds, 228,960 minutes, 3,816 hours) I weighed 189.4 pounds. I had just decided to lose weight, and while I was telling myself that THIS WOULD BE THE TIME, deep down I hoped like hell it was, but it wasn’t the first time I had hoped that.

I walked into the NYSC that I had walked into so many times before. a bunch of times and met with my trainer, Joel, for the first time. I’d fallen down the stairs the week before, on my 26th birthday and my tailbone was really freaking sore. I told myself if I used that as an excuse I’d really never do it, and if there were members of the military that could run the Army Ten-Miler with no legs, I could definitely do some personal training sessions with a sore bum. I sat down with Joel and told him that I wanted to weigh around 150 and be at a size 6-8 by when I went to Aruba in August.

154 days ago, I decided that I could do it for reals. (The first few days didn’t count because you always think you can do it the first few days. I think it takes at least a week to decide if you can handle something for the long haul.)

It’s July 27 and I weigh 155 pounds. I fit into a size 6 skirt yesterday. I THINK I DID IT! I’m going to lose more weight after I come back, but this is pretty good for now!!!

Joel, my sweet (and very crazy) trainer showed me that form I filled out on the first day tonight and congratulated me on my hard work. Well, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him being my cheerleader and not letting me make excuses.

Thank you also to my parents for always being there for me.

Thank you to MaryBeth for getting married 🙂

And thanks to y’all for reading and keeping me honest!

[This is no kind of goodbye at all, just a I’m-going-to-Aruba-Wednesday-and-I-met-my-goals-hell-yeah post!!]

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